NFS World Skybox Vanilla Size by BadassBaboon, Mefius, heyitsleo

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NFS World Skybox Vanilla Size

Downscaled version of NFSW 4K Skybox.

Textures has been downgraded to size equal to the vanilla game.
This version was made, because 4K version can glitch, while playing on the servers.
In addition, this version should not make any problems, even on low end PC.
If you could run unmodded nfs world, you should be able to run it with this mod.

Copy SkyDomeTextures.bin to your GLOBAL game client folder.

-BadassBaboon, author of original textures.

changed upper part of the skyboxes

Update 2:
Experimental change, that might fix the "colosseum glitch"

Update 3: Forgot to pack readme file, also the recent change seems to fix "rainbow colosseum glitch" during online play

[email protected] for providing skyboxes
[email protected] for recompiling textures


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Uploaded at: February 09, 2021 @ 21:17


6c49bb-4K_Skybox_Downscaled.7z (Size: 11.96MB) Latest Version
9fe7e8-4K_Skybox_Downscaled.7z (Size: 11.96MB) Old Version
3d3b94-4K_Skybox_Downscaled.7z (Size: 11.96MB) Old Version