NFSC Wingman by nlgzrgn

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NFSC Wingman

This mod brings you some new crew stuff!

- Select any character in game as your wingman! (Wolf will be your new wingman.)
- Select a role, which will apply to every character! (Neville can be a scout!)
- Change your wingman's role, while in a race! (Press U key to switch between roles.)
- Give them a custom name you want! (Is MAYONNAISE a crew member!?)
- Buy them some preset cars! (A legend says M3GTRCAREERSTART will make them faster.)
- And more! Don't forget to take a look at "NFSCWingmanSettings.ini" file.



NOTE: Make sure you can use NFSC Extra Options. This little script wants the same things with it.

1) Copy "NFSCWingman.asi" and "NFSCWingmanSettings.ini" to your NFSC\scripts folder.
2) Change the values in "NFSCWingmanSettings.ini" as you like!
3) Run NFSC.
4) Enjoy!




v2.0.0.1337 (Build 2; Rev.01):
+ Added a hotkey to change the role of your wingmen while in a race.
+ Added an option to force select a name for your wingmen.
+ Added an option to force select a preset car for your wingmen.

v1.0.0.1337 (Build 1; Rev.01):
+ Initial release.


See ya!
©2018 nlgzrgn - No rights reserved. ;)


apprentice1914 (April 12, 2020 @ 05:47)
nvm, I've just figured it out. There are some add-on vehicles that are not compatible. So I uninstalled them. It is not crashing after I uninstalled some of them. Thanks Nlgzrgn.

apprentice1914 (April 06, 2020 @ 13:14)
I encounter crashes after installing this wingman mod, along with your hud adapter. I have nfsc 1.4 with extraopts. and improvement mod installed.

apprentice1914 (April 05, 2020 @ 07:32)
great work nlgzrgn. the race bonus is "default string" underneath the name of custom preset :D 100000000/10.

DarknessTh1ag0x (December 02, 2019 @ 01:45)
It doesn't work for me, i open NFSC and look at the crew members and still don't have they.

Seymour999 (October 27, 2019 @ 03:06)
hello nlgzrgn alright, you know i have a question here and i need help you can tell me how you got darius to cross and the other characters appear on your nfsc because in mine they don't show up, can you tell me friend.

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