[NFSUC] Extended Cameras by BadassBaboon

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

[NFSUC] Extended Cameras

Undercover's cameras feel rather stiff and slow, especially when you reach your maximum speed, which you would do quite often because of the large highway networks.

Extended Cameras fixes the blandness and makes driving much more enjoyable and dangerous.

  • Enabled NOS pullback for bumper and hood cameras
  • Bumper camera is now more grounded
  • Significantly improved FOV for all cameras
  • Gear change camera is now properly utilized
  • Far camera pullback is recreated to replicate NFS Heat
  • Camera height now gradually increases as you accelerate
  • Camera shake has been toned down to improve the driving experience

  • Close camera brake snapping issue has been fixed (Thanks LegSolo)



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