Nomorepursuitbreakercutscene by itsmemario

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So i was playing the relentless cops mod and everything was okay until the cops started hitting the pursuit breaker and triggering the NIS which caused me to fail like a LOT of times and since there was no way to disable the pursuit breaker cutscenes i decided to remove them completely

Some of the mods i used in the screenshot

Jack Johnson - Relentless Cops
BadasBaboon - UCVE and the Extended Cameras
LegSolo - Evolved mod
NFS Business - MW GAUGES
Frexellia - Softer Shacky Cam

Made for Steam version but feel free to try it for the origin version
Use vlted 4.6 (latest version)



BreakinBenny (March 04, 2021 @ 12:22)
NFS Most Wanted had the Game Moment Camera feature, which could be toggled on or off. You could even forcibly hinder these cutscenes if you trigger them while the Speedbreaker is on.

Uploaded at: February 26, 2021 @ 12:03