Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione Addon by Toshiya Joshima (God Arm)

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione Addon


Car is converted from Rear Racing 3

-Project Reformed handling
-Hella lotta downforce

-No plate, but where do you even put one tbf

Minor issues:
-If you try to customize it, Ferrari will file a lawsuit against you
-No MW convert again, soz

Lowered shift times, so it's like a dct now

EA - Real Racing 3 Assets
The Blender Foundation - Blender
Oleg Melashenko - Zmod
nfsu360 - NFS VLTed and Car Toolkit
Don Ho - Notepad++
Me - For converting the car to Undercover


TND (March 03, 2021 @ 21:24)
ok bro, thanks you

X6zmeisteR (March 03, 2021 @ 19:40)
all versions should be compatible, but is the one you should use, since it's overall the best (most stable)

TND (March 03, 2021 @ 16:55)
Which version of the game is compatible with the mod?

Uploaded at: March 02, 2021 @ 19:12