NFSC Procar [addon] by Lexal

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NFSC Procar [addon]

1981 BMW M1 [E26] Procar

Base car by Slightly Mad Studios from Shift 3: Revengeance; misc parts and textures from World, Forza 7 and Assetto Corsa. Uses default NFS Carbon driver.
Replaces nothing, XNAME is PC15PROCAR.

- 1 paintable kit with vinyl support
- can be customised with spoilers, rims and scoops
- can swap between popup lights up/down by using "front bumper" section in autosculpt customisation menu
- 3 NOS upgrades and 1 of each other performance upgrade; average stock performance loosely based on the road-going M1 but with better torque; considerably more powerful after upgrading
- Tier 2 exotic, available as soon as you create a new savegame, costs 130,000

As this is an addon rather than a replacement, you'll need a couple tools:
- Carbon Unlimiter by nlg
- Binary by MaxHwoy

Once you have those, download the archive, unpack it anywhere and follow the instructions below:
- launch Binary [make sure you also installed its dependencies], click on User Mode [the left-hand side icon], select "binary_install.end" inside "PROCAR_ADDON/main", point to Carbon's main install directory, wait for Binary to install the car, press "Yes" when asked to save changes, but don't run the game just yet
- close Binary, launch VLTEd -> "File" -> "Open" -> nagivate to where Carbon is installed; afterwards "File" -> "Import" -> "Modscript", browse to "PROCAR_ADDON" -> "main" and select "vlt_install.nfsms", click Install, and VLTEd will apply the script; once done, press Ctrl+S to save the changes

After that's all done, you have to create a new savegame. Given how Binary arranges datablocks when saving, it will break all existing preset cars, including boss, bonus, custom, crew rides and all cars in "My Cars" list.

The car was tested on an NFSC 1.4 CE installation with the latest version of Improvement Mod, but it should also work fine with ANY other mod, provided said mod does not exceed 44 addon cars.

Big thanks to RaTT, MrAdam, Ketsueki and Avalanche for their help with this mod.


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Uploaded at: March 14, 2021 @ 03:36