Convertible Copmidsize by NI240SX

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

Convertible Copmidsize

Tri City Bay cops' found the weather too sunny to continue using their closed copmidsizes.
After some intense negociations, they were finally allowed to use a car created specially for them, that convertible copmidsize !

How to install
Simply copy the GEOMETRY.BIN file into your game folder\CARS\COP_CAR_MID_05\ (make a backup of the existing file in case the weather turns rainy).

How to drive the car
If you want to customize and drive your own Convertible Copmidsize and make the cops jealous, you'll need either to install this mod (More Cars in FrontEnd) or to use a savegame editor.

For further informations and support on that mod or on any other mod, and also for being informed about mod updates and getting extras, feel free to join this Discord and grab the corresponding @Undercover role.

Mods used : UCVE, More Cars in FrontEnd, More Traffic Cars, various custom effects


BreakinBenny (April 15, 2021 @ 08:52)
Holy moley, that is nice. And I think the cops might alternate between generating convertibles and non-convertibles too!

NFSMWFAN (March 25, 2021 @ 15:15)
Convertible copmidsize KEKW

fridge (March 21, 2021 @ 07:10)
very sexy car 10/10

BadHairDay (March 20, 2021 @ 14:12)
cool idea, I love this

Uploaded at: March 19, 2021 @ 22:04