(UPDATE) 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Extra Customization) by AlbinoBuffalo_80

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(UPDATE) 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Extra Customization)

Need for Speed: MostWanted - Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Extended Customization)

As the name itself says, this mod aims to add extra customization for the vette
-77 Kits
-49 Spoilers (Some of them with carbonfiber variants depending on the spoiler)
-Around +30 Hoods + Carbonfiber variants (Stock CF included) (Total hoods are 78)
-9 Interiors
-Around +10 Roofs with their Carbonfiber variants (Depends of the roof)
-6 Customizable Brakes
-Around +20 Headlights
-14 Brakelights
-7 Side Mirrors
-7 Roll Cages + cop lights and paintable variants (Attachment Slot 1)
-Antennas (Attachment Slot 2)
-Cop Siren (Attachment Slot 3)
-Around +30 Added Vinyls
-3 Optional Perfomances (Z06, Z06 CLE and ZR1)
-Factory Colors (Based on Gran Turismo 5)
Q: Can i include this in my generic shitass repacks?
A: NO!
Know issues:
-Some kits doesnt have same proportions.
-Many kits will have bugged decals and damage scratches (Due to some offset thingy)
-ZR1 Spoiler might be clipping in some kits with lips.
-Car itself is overkill.
-Vinyls might be badly made xd (Shift 2 ones, The Run and such)
-Someone will probably get butthurt of meme kits
-Some dumb fuck will probably steal it
-Some dumb fuck will probably not read the 'README!!!'
-When selecting HQ interior and going to seats attachment textures will be bugged (from c6 stock seats to z06r gt3, rest are fine)
TKRFX (Louvers roofs, convertible roof, cars 2 and 3 vinyls, bosozoku kit and ZR1 sound)
Mati The Mudkip (Juiced 2 Corvette C5, C6 and Saleen S7)
ED (Overall help)
franco1099 (Prostreet parts)
Valen2006/1991 (Z06 Perf + Sound)
Neon (HP10 C6 GS and MW12 ZR1)
Vee/rita_vrataski (Binary launcher, overall help and some seats)
EllisRacing (UGR C5 Kits, didn't used it but still, overall help)
Red_Fire ('Fixed' Concept art KIT 4 and Craig driver)
RaTT (World Vette sounds)
nlgzrgn (Drivers and prostreet seats)
Corrin (Some wangs from heat)
S.S.T (Racing Rivals Corvette ZR1)
CurioSalome (Drift Spirits ZR1 Brightnest Nite and Sunoco Monster)
Spk (C7 K.S and C6 parts from Heat)
ArtificialGaming ('Artificial' brakelights)
Emosen (China Bank and Gmac liveries)
Vicius (Falken livery)
Gamemodels.ru (Many Models)
rubenoliveira (GTA SA Mod Corvette C3 Bosozoku i took as reference for doing that bosozoku kit
pchu.pika (GTA SA Mod Corvette C6 Widebody/Rocket Bunny i took as reference)
DFZ/Detail for zmodeler (Many decoration models)
RisaDriftR (Testing)
+Added 5 more spoilers (Courtesy of Viper4k. Thanks!)
+Added 7 more kits = Total of 85 kits (Sadly those kits are only accesible through debug menu, to make work properly kit 82/Fortune-esque kit you'll have to choose no-headlights/brakelights and put engine bay as hood. I included a stock proportions version of the same kit with stock proportions but sadly brakelights won't fit properly.)
+Added customizable seats (Attachment slot 6 and 7.)
+Added interior decorations ((Attachment slot 4 and 5) Only compatible with HQ Interior)
+Added 3 more parts in roof decorations (Attachment slot 3)
+Moved interior rollcages such as z06 cle, z06r gt3, c6r, c6r gt1 to rollcages (Attachment slot 1)
+Added 3 more spoilers + cf variants
+Added 6 Drivers
+Added 3 more brakelights
+Added 2 more headlights with cf variants
+Added 3 more hoods with cf variants (Again you'll have to go to debug menu if you want cf variant of x hood)
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-Nothing important, some desc update.


AlbinoBuffalo80 (October 09, 2021 @ 15:05)

FlygrandRick (October 09, 2021 @ 06:24)
@AlbinoBuffalo80 Ok, I understand now. Also, I have another question to ask, why does Extra Customization mod requires languages other than ENGLISH.BIN? Most of the time, I have errors installing extra customization mods because they asked me to add a lot of language files. If you have any language files that is more than ENGLISH.BIN, can you please give me one? Much appreciation.

AlbinoBuffalo80 (October 04, 2021 @ 22:23)
@FlygrandRick Hey, thx for telling, but i can't do anything, i lost the files and i dont really have motivation for redoing it completely, i rather working on other proyects, however, the tex missing, is due to game's memory, try this: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371

FlygrandRick (October 04, 2021 @ 02:01)
@AlbinoBuffalo80 Hey dude, nice mod. But I have found some problems in your mod, when I used the Corvette in a race with AI players, the Corvette textures are missing, however it was fine when I play it with no AI players. Also, the C6R hood seems to be missing a few textures (not the C6R GT1). It will be very appreciating if you can sort this out.

AlbinoBuffalo80 (September 20, 2021 @ 14:47)
I do have the game to start it again, I just don't have the motivation/time to do it. (with original files i meant originale sources of the corvette)

Uploaded at: March 20, 2021 @ 15:01


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