Enable Pursuit for All Career Races by Hier

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Enable Pursuit for All Career Races

This is a mod for Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

#What this mod does:
- This mod will enable cop pursuit for all career races. This mod also increases the chances of roadblocks spawning. (Screenshot is from 1st race againts Webster)

#How to install:
- Extract all the files from the rar file.
- Download and open vltEd
- Click File > Open
- Select NFSMW directory, please make backups beforehand
- Select File > Import
- Choose the nfsms file from the mod rar you just extracted
- Click install, done!

#This mod is heavily recommended to use with:
- nlgzrgn's NFSMW Extraopts, to enable "PursuitActionMode" which will allow the game to spawn roadblocks, SUVs, and choppers during races.
link: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/43

- My "More Opponents in Career Races"
link: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/2607

- My "AI will Avoid Spikestrips" mod, this mod will force AI to avoid roadblock as much as they can (even though they won't be affected by the spikes if they get hit..). This will make the cops and opponents crash to the roadblock instead of going through the spikestrips.
link: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/2608

- Speedyheart's "No Air Stabilizer" mod, it will disable ingame's default car stabilizer when racer's car goes airbone, making cars flip more. You can get the mod here https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/602

- "Revamped Pursuit System (MW)" by Splash45 & Frexellia. I've tested a lot of pursuit overhaul mods and by far this is my personal favourite. It modifies what cop cars will spawn on each heat, and completely changes how their AI works. By using this mod and the pursuit overhaul; you'll be able to let opponents suffer just as much as you do in every races, suitable for those who wants a bit more challenge in this game.
link: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1698

This mod is for vltEdit users. Credits to nfsu360 for the amazing tool!


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Uploaded at: March 27, 2021 @ 07:18