Austin Mini Cooper S (Addon v1.0.1) by Goodboygamer

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Austin Mini Cooper S (Addon v1.0.1)

The rally king of the 60s, the perfect car for thieves with prepared minds. Those are the equations for having a car that was compact, light, fast and Bri'ish. The Austin Mini Cooper S is now available for sale at your local Ed's.

Update v1.0.1:
-Minor Binary script fix

-Roof scoops
-Rim Paint
-Vinyls (Available in 512x and 1024x)
-Window Tint
-Custom Gauges

-Available from the beginning
-Costs 20000
-Cops refers the car as "Mini"
-Brings the Stock Punto Challenge to shame!
-NFS TexEdn't support

Known issues:

Minor issues:
-Will break the A.I. when driving the car with stock performance parts
-No aftermarket hoods
-Slightly inaccurate hitbox
-Not main car Mr. Bean
-If you ever encounter a rhino while driving this thing then I wish you the best (or the worst)

Ed Installation:
1. Put the MINICOOPERS folder in the CARS folder
2. Select a Vinyls option (512x: Stock, 1024x: Recompiled) and move the "VINYLS.BIN" to "CARS/MINICOOPERS" folder
3. Open NFS-VltEd and import minicoopers.nfsms, save and exit
4. Copy the Ed folder to where you put Ed
5. Open "Ed.exe", click "Main" -> "Open" and search for the game installation folder
6. Click "Tools" -> "Unlock Game Files For Modding"
7. Click "Apply"
8. Make a new save game and enjoy your ride (or just modify your current save game)

Binary Installation:
-Either in the Binary creator's sex dungeon or the .rar

-nfsu360 for NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-VltEd and NFS-TexEd
-nlgzrgn for Ed and the NFSMW Unlimiter
-Vrataski for remapping the UV and providing Binary support
-Ed for adding decals


DeviantManturoff (November 10, 2021 @ 12:46)
why I install this mod, but it's didn't shows in car lot

SoundBarrier (April 05, 2021 @ 02:34)
Kaze drives an Austin Mini Cooper S

Klexster (April 04, 2021 @ 16:17)
Kuchaooo HAHHAHA