NFSU2: Sha_Do Splash Screen by AdrienShadow

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NFSU2: Sha_Do Splash Screen

Need for Speed: Underground 2 Sha_Do splash screen for NFSU2 PC.
The splash screen texture was originally in low resolution (256x256), I have upscaled it to the same resolution as the PC version's (1024x1024).

If you don't know how to install it, the tutorial is in the readme in the archive. Don't worry, it is quite simple~
Tools you need to install it: TexEd by nfsu360 or Binary by MaxHwoy

Credits & Special thanks to:
DemonDelight for exporting the Sha_do splash textures from the game.
Ketsueki for editing (placing the Underground 2 Sha_do logo onto the splash screen texture).
nlgzrgn for inspiration.


B3AKX (April 09, 2021 @ 09:21)
Nice work.
I also tried to rip textures from the Japanese PS2 version (Sha_Do), but it's very difficult to get wanted/usable results.
I wish somebody could release easy tools to do such things...

I fiddled with binary files and made a NFS Underground 2 with Japanese voices.
Also complete with working videos. Took a while, but I did all right.
If you're interested, I can give you the link. (I uploaded it on Google drive)