Hardcore Kings by Gallo 24 or Gallo 12?

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Hardcore Kings


Everybody knows how bad kings are in this game right? Especially Grip and Speed Kings...
So basically this mod ONLY increases their car performance and decreases their passing distance.
Quick Note with drag:
For some reason AI is so bad that they are not only inconsistent but if you finish first in wheelie events,sometimes the game will cut the AI's wheelie attempt and give them half of the distance.I still dont know thy this happens.
Now i know!Changed result simulation.
They have their own car setup that you can only get with pinkslips!
Now every king is hardcore so you better be carefull!Good luck and have fun.

!IMPORTANT NOTE!: If you install this mod to a save file that already has progression in carrer mode , the pinkslips will still be the Vanilla version.

Added an option to reduce the difficulity for Drag and Wheelie races
Nerfed the Grip and Speed Kings cars a little bit.
The option has changed to reduced difficulity for all kings.
Added the missing Result simulation in v1.3
Fixed the AI steering problem in drag races.

Proof that Pinkslips do work:


Races with Ryo (First Leg):

Drag King:

Drift King:


hypeeerspeed (May 11, 2022 @ 06:51)
@MisterzPvP First,revert the changes to original via VLT-ED.Go into the script called "Hardcore Kings 1.3.nfsms" and take out all the drift related changes.Apply the script again and it should work.Don't forget to save after you did all this tho,it could ruin the save. I'll make a patch later on to fix this issue.

MisterzPvP (May 10, 2022 @ 17:19)
The difficulty changes for the drift king apply to every single drift event (atleast in career). This makes almost all drift events literally impossible to complete. How could I revert the difficulty back to normal?

R4GN4R0K (December 23, 2021 @ 07:06)
I really liked your mod. The only downside I would mention is that, for example, the drag king's car is simply impossible to use, it is really difficult to maintain control.

hypeeerspeed (June 15, 2021 @ 22:07)
@Pisoj001 I'm not sure what caused the Speed King start like that for your game but it seems there is something wrong on your end.I would like to help a bit more in details.If you have a discord, my username is iceonwheels#7285.

Pisoj001 (June 15, 2021 @ 21:55)
@hypeeerspeed Cool man, it was just funny seeing the speed king going as slow as possible.
Can't wait to try it, although i dont know how the other kings behave

Uploaded at: April 14, 2021 @ 12:27


c37122-Hardcore Kings v1.31.1.rar (Size: 2.88KB) Latest Version
421cd9-Hardcore Kings v1.31.rar (Size: 2.87KB) Old Version
490887-Hardcore Kings v1.3.zip (Size: 3.12KB) Old Version