Hardcore Kings by Gallo 24 or Gallo 12?

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Hardcore Kings


Everybody knows how bad kings are in this game right? Especially Grip and Speed Kings...
So basically this mod ONLY increases their car performance and decreases their passing distance.
Quick Note with drag:
For some reason AI is so bad that they are not only inconsistent but if you finish first in wheelie events,sometimes the game will cut the AI's wheelie attempt and give them half of the distance.I still dont know thy this happens.
Now i know!Changed result simulation.
They have their own car setup that you can only get with pinkslips!
Now every king is hardcore so you better be carefull!Good luck and have fun.

!IMPORTANT NOTE!: If you install this mod to a save file that already has progression in carrer mode , the pinkslips will still be the Vanilla version.

Added an option to reduce the difficulity for Drag and Wheelie races
Nerfed the Grip and Speed Kings cars a little bit.
The option has changed to reduced difficulity for all kings.
Added the missing Result simulation in v1.3
Fixed the AI steering problem in drag races.

Proof that Pinkslips do work:


Races with Ryo (First Leg):

Drag King:

Drift King:


Pisoj001 (June 14, 2021 @ 11:56)
Hey yo bro, for some reason it says "node pvehicle Grip_King does not exist" it doesnt want to create it.

hypeeerspeed (May 03, 2021 @ 18:51)
@gedandmx Basically you need a NEW CARRER to get them.

hypeeerspeed (May 03, 2021 @ 18:51)
@gedandmx No it is true,you will get these cars when you beat them.Yesterday when you said that i made a test about how pinkslips work in this game.AND if you insatall this mod to save file THAT YOU ALREADY PLAYED BEFORE the pinkslips wont work.

gedandmx (May 03, 2021 @ 17:51)
@hypeeerspeed I mean that these cars will be received by the player, which is wrong!

hypeeerspeed (May 02, 2021 @ 22:46)
@gedandmx Ok so i tested out if the pinkslips work or notThey do work but you need a new game.It wont work with a save file that already has progression.

Uploaded at: April 14, 2021 @ 12:27


c37122-Hardcore Kings v1.31.1.rar (Size: 2.88KB) Latest Version
421cd9-Hardcore Kings v1.31.rar (Size: 2.87KB) Old Version
490887-Hardcore Kings v1.3.zip (Size: 3.12KB) Old Version