Iconic Liveries for Nissan 370Z GT300 by Vicius

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Iconic Liveries for Nissan 370Z GT300

Nissan 370Z Iconic Liveries Pack

The Vinyls took me a lot of time to make as it was made from scratch, please do not upload this anyware else without my permission, If there is any bug or glitch please go through Readme.txt once more. If the error still continues, message me on Discord ( Vicius#1905 ). Thank you

Original Car Model by Eclipse 72rus aka CorvetteZ06

Link: https://www.nfsaddons.com/downloads/nfsc/cars/nissan/3363/nissan-nissan-370z.html


TexED by nfsu360 : https://nfs-tools.blogspot.com/2019/08/nfs-texed-v17-released.html

ThirteenAG's Ultimate ASI Loader : https://github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases

NFS Carbon Extraoptions by NLGZRGN and ExOpts team : https://github.com/ExOptsTeam/NFSCExOpts

Maxhwoy's Binary Editor :https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1638



(EASY WAY) - If you easily want it avialable

1. Open the WinRAR Archive

2. Copy "PRECOMPVINYLS (the bin file) from "CARS" folder and paste it in your Carbon Directory>CARS

3. Copy "Global.Ibz" from GLOBAL folder in WinRAR Archive and paste it in your Carbon Directory>Global

4. Go to Extraoptions.ini located in your Carbon Directory>Scripts and check the following :

"Unlock all Things = 1"

"ShowMoreCarCategories = 1"

"ShowSpecialVinyls = 1"

"ShowDebugCarCustomize = 1"

5. Open the game and follow this tutorial : https://youtu.be/OxZh6AGqprM

6. Enjoy the new Vinyls

( NOTE : the (Easy Way) files contain 2k versions of the vinyls, if you need to replace them with 4k, just go to TexED, press on the vinyl you want to replace from 2k to 4k, then to "texture" option in the top left and then from the menu select "replace" and then make your way to (Hard Way) folder > 4k vinyls folder, then find the dds file with same name of the vinyl you are replacing, double press on that vinyl and then press Ctrl + S to save the replaced vinyl. 2k vinyls are default installed in EASY WAY files to prevent crahses and heavy load on your GPU )

(HARD WAY) - If you want to add it yourself

1. Open Binary editor

2. Select Modder mode

3. Go to GLOBAL>Global.Ibz>DBModelParts>Vinyls_Generic

4. Now as you select Vinyls_Generic, click on "Open Editor" or just double tap on the "Vinyls_Generic" option

5. Now you will find different fields. Now on the bottom there will "TFK"

6. Select the TFK design and now on the top left of the Binary window will be the option "Car Parts"

7. Click on it while having "TFK" selected and now click on "Copy Part" or just press Ctrl + C having TFK selected

8. There should be an additional "TFK" created

9. Now, you should see a small black " + " sign in a white squre next to the TFK, click on it

10. Now once your double click on it, it should open 5 different fields

11. 4 of the 5 fields will have "TFK" name. The fields are "TEXTURE_NAME" , "NAME_OFFSET" , "PART_NAME_BASE_HASH" , "TEXTURE"

12. Click on each of them and they will all still have "TFK" in the "Value" slot. Now since this Vinyl pack contains 5 vinyls, each need additional fields. So you need to click on TFK, copy it 5 times. For Eg. we take the vinyl named "DATSUNRACING370Z"

13. Now what you need to do is, click on the "TFK" names writtin along the "Value" in the top right box and rename all "TFK" to "DATSUNRACING370Z"

14. Once you have renmaed all 4, just press that cross sign on the binary editor window to exist the editor mode

15. Now you need to click on "Main" located in top left of Binary window and select "save files". Or just press Ctrl + S

16. Now you have successfully created an additional vinyl slot, now we need to add our texture to it.

17. I have left 2 files. the 1st is 2048x resolution (2048x2048 pixels) and the 2nd is 4096x (4096x4096 pixels) resolution vinyls. you can choose either. the 2k version runs better and the 4k version looks better. Choice is yours

18. Now open the file "DATSUNRACING370Z.dds" located in "(HARD WAY) > *2k or 4k resolution folders*" and extract it to your dekstop

19. Now open TexED 1.7 and open the file PRECOMPVINYLS.BIN located in *Your Carbon Dictionary* > CARS > PRECOMPVINYLS folder

20. Now once its loaded, all you have to do is click Texture located on the top left of the TexED window and then select "Add", or simply press Ctrl + A

21. Now select the texture you extracted on the dekstop

22. Once it has been added, you will see the name "GENERIC_DATSUNRACING370Z". If you don't rename it to "GENERIC_DATSUNRACING370Z" by pressing Ctrl + R. For more info on this, read the txt file named "names" in (HARD WAY) folder in mod win rar archive.

23. Now you need to press Ctrl + F to change its format from whatever it is to DXT1, as it takes the least space and loss of quality isn't much.

24. Once done, press Ctrl + S to save the file

25. You have now saved the vinyl

26. This process will be the same for every vinyl, except "DATSUNRACING370Z", name other files to their respective names like "BATHRUSTNISSAN370Z" , "CALSONIC370Z" , "NISMORACING370Z" , "TOMICAGROUP5370Z"

27. Follow this tutorial to know how to obtain it and put it on your car : https://youtu.be/OxZh6AGqprM

28. Enjoy :)

[/b]Thanks to

Desanosan : Additional Texture importing process support

Eclipse72rus : Mesh and UV map and the sexiest 370Z car model itself

NLGZRGN : ExtraOptions for Carbon

nfsu360 : TexED 1.7

Maxhwoy : Binary Editor

You - For supporting the mod :)

The NFS community - Motivation and Support

Additional Tools Used :

Paint.NET : External layer of vinyl

Photoshop CS6 : Decals and positioning support, thumbnail


Bathrust 370z

Calsonic 370z

Datsun Racing 370z

Nismo Racing 370z

Tomica Group 5


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