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AI Tweak and Performance Increase




How To Install

1-Open Vlted 4.6.If you dont have one here is the link:
2-Select your Game Location by pressing the File in the upper left corner or just by pressing CTRL+O
3-After that press File again or by pressing CTRL+I to import the mods.
4-There is no order or must to install for any of the mods except for Pinkslip Raceday Update.If you want to install Pinkslip Update,install AI Performance first.
5-You dont have to install everything.You can choose whatever you want to install and it will still work without a problem.(Except for pinkslip raceday update!!!)
6-Save it by pressing save inside File menu or by pressing CTRL+S

Current Update

1.65.2 Changelog
-AI Performance v4.2
*Decrased the AI twitching in Speed Challenges.
*Fixed the Paul Trask's Zonda wheeling in Speed Challenges due to suspenison setup.
*AI cars now have a better suspension setup for Speed Challenges.
*Increased the AI's cornering ability for Grip Races.

-Pinkslip Raceday AI Update Changes
*Fixed some nodes in presetride for AI vehicles.
Special thanks to Pisoj001 for finding some of the unbalances of the mod.


-For some pinkslip racecars players get,the game crashes for unknown reason.
*FIX:To fix the crashing issue:
First, reset the already tuned pinkslip blueprint,then customize the car you won from raceday.

Full changelog

This mod aims to improve AI quality in general.
V1 (Release of the mod)
Table of Contents:
1.Changes in behaviour:
*AI Skill (From what i understand this game doesn't use the skill level so it is removed in 1.01):
All AI SkilLevel is increased to 100
All drivers AI AggressionLevel has been increased
All drivers AI MistakeLevel has been decreased
*AI Curves:
AI reacts to racing line,speed progression,slip(losing grip) more quickly
*AI Aggression:
AI is much better in every aspects in drag racing (removed in 1.01,added back in 1.1)
AI is more aggressive while cornering
AI will draft and react to you passing them and will try to take back the position they lost
*Less Mistake Chance: AI is less like to crash in a race or make mistakes in drag races.
*Performance Matching:Basically how game matches your cars performance with another opponent.Min Performance is the important factor here due to fact that it changes how competitive the AI cars are going to be even when they are not trying that much.
There are 3 difficulity options:
Normal:67.5% Min Performance 100% Max Performance for AI vehicles
Hard:80% Min Performance 100% Max Performance for AI vehicles
Extreme:100% Min Performance 100% Max Performance for AI vehicles
QUICK NOTE:No rubberbanding.Period.
Bugs: For some reason there is a clone of Jimmy Sway... I'll problably figure it out in next update.(Fixed in 1.41)

2.Changes in AI Performance:
Now AI has their own vehicle performance.
For Grip Races:
Ai has increased downforce,tire grip,less drag coefficency,less roll center to be atleast competitive to the player
For High Speed Races:
Ai has less drag coefficiency,more high/low boost values,better suspension setup,increased downforce for the muscle class
For Drag Races:
Changed some boost values.Didn't change much other than that since with updated AI Aggression they are much better.

Increases their car performance in normal and pinskslip racedays(not the kings).The reason i changed the performance for ai is because they cant use the cars like they should and most of the time they wont push the car to its limit.Dont tho worry i tried my best to not overdo it :)
Oh and teams(grip runners,apex glide etc...) are much hardcore now.Just like the Ravenwest in Grid series.

v1.01 Changelog:
Removed AI SkillLevel for now (problems with AI reaction)
Removed Drag aggresion in the AI aggression tweak due it needs more tweaking
Increased Joe Tackett's Civic's power in drag mode
Added Easy diffuculity in Performance Matching (50% Min Performance,90 Max Performance)

v1.02 Changelog:
Difficulity's are rebalanced
Easy changed to 25% Min Performance 50% Max Performance
Normal changed to 35% Min Performance 80% Max Performance
Hard changed to 50% Min Performance 90% Max Performance
Extreme changed to 70% Min Performance 100% Max Performance

v1.1 Changelog
-Difficulity rebalance again
Normal changed to 50% Min Performance 80% Max Performance
Hard changed to 70% Min Performance 90% Max Performance
Extreme changed to 90% Min Performance 100% Max Performance

-Added Cooper's Dday 240sx in Changes in performance:
Things added to the car:
Lvl 1 engine
Tire upgrade increased to lvl 2
Suspension lvl 1

-Added Drag Mode Aggression in AI aggression:
AI is much more aggressive and competitive in drag racing.

v1.2 Changelog
Pinkslip Raceday Update!
For the players:
Now every grip pinkslip car you get is little bit better than their normal counterpart!
The reason i changed the pinkslip cars are to make the player feel more accomplished by giving the player a unique car instead of giving a car normal car with upgrades.
If you didn't like this change you can skip it, since i made the change seperately.
For the AI:
I realized some events were unbeateble due to fact that your not only limited with your tuning but their cars are really fast.
This change rebalances them to a point so you can have chance to beat them.
Important:Install the AI part AFTER you have installed the AI performance, if you have already you can install both raceday update without problems.

v1.3 Changelog
Added Hub Difficulity Tweak
*Now players won't be dominating sectors in Sector Shootout so easily
*Changed Grip Adjustment
*Changed Hub Difficulity . Now dominating events is going to be harder in terms of points.
Changes in AI performance
*Skyline for AI drivers is buffed for grip events.

v.1.31 Changelog
-Hotfix Update
*Fixed the grip tuned GTO apperaing with no visual and performance upgrades in React Team Sessions.
To fix the issue just install the Pinkslip Raceday Player Update again and it should solve the problem.

v1.4 Changelog
-Added Result Simulation
*Challenging AI in drift and wheelie events.
I found out that game uses simulation for both event types for AI.
Added two difficulties:
*Hard Result Simulation
*Normal Result Simulation

v1.41 Changelog
-Hotfix Update
*Fixed After Mix members not appearing in races.
Installing the AI Performance again will fix the issue.

v1.5 Changelog
-Heavy Hotfix Update
*Difficulity Rebalance
*Easy 25% MinPerformance 75% MaxPerformance
*Normal 40% MinPerformance 90% MaxPerformance
*Hard 50% MinPerformance 100% MaxPerformance
*Extreme 57.5% MinPerformance 100% MaxPerformance

-AI Performance V3
*Now Grip Races are much more challenging

-AI Aggression
*Now AI won't brake like amateur when they are right behind you in grip races.
*Fixed the issue which makes the AI twitch in drag races.

-New Script in Hub Difficulity Tweak! Thanks Tekizyte for these ideas.
*Now players can change their drag staging time to 5sec,7.5sec,or vanilla 10sec.
*Now players can change how many heats there are in drift races to 1 heat,2 heats or vanilla 3 heats.
Warning:If you choose 1 or 2, game will skip the drift Non Interactive Scene when you start the race.To revert it simply install the script,3 heats.

Credit for those who sent feedback to make this update happen in the first place: Tekizyte and Luken

v1.51 Changelog
-In the first Battle Machine Pinkslip Raceday:
*Cobaltss and Civic EG6 has now has level 2 tires and nitrous to be competitve against the AI.
*Pinkslip version of both cars have little bit less wheelspin to have better launch than their normal counterparts.
If you already installed the Pinkslip Raceday Player Update, reinstall the script again to implement this update to your game.

-Difficulity Rebalance (Again i know, but it is really hard to balance)
*Normal 45% Min Performance 90% Max Performance
*Hard 55% Min Performance 100% Max Performance
*Extreme 65% Min Performance 100% Max Performance

v1.52 Changelog
-Hotfix update
*Corrected Nodes in Pinkslip Raceday AI Update:
*Now AI actually is beatable in challenge days.To fix it install the Pinkslip Raceday AI Update again if you installed it before.(Thanks Lelaneth for the feedbacks.)
-Fixed the Difficulities in Result Simulation,
*Added Extreme Difficulity for Wheelies and Drifts
*All Extreme,Hard,and Normal difficulities for the result simulation are revisioned.AI wont get like 5K if you choose normal and etc...
-Fixed Sector Shoutout Point System in Hub Difficulity Tweak
*In the older updates, looks like i actually messed up the point system in SS.Now its actually functioning like it should.Sorry about that.

v1.6 Changelog
-Added Price Overhaul
*This script reduces the cost of upgrades and the car prices by %50 or more.Both can be installed separately.(Thanks Tekizyte for the advice!)

-Added Hardcore Tweaks
Inside the Hardcore Tweaks,
*Increased Damage(Inspired by LegSolo's Hardcore Damage Video in youtube.Credits to LegSolo.)
Description: Now car damage is very important factor to keep an eye out when racing.If your car is in critcial damage, you might not finish the race at all.
*No Repair Markers When Dominating
Description: Now you wont get an aditional repair markers as a reward after dominating race days.They can be still won in rewardcards or can be bought in main menu.
*Disabled King Difficulity Asissts:
Description:Disables any kind of asissts (TC,ABS,Drift Asissts) completely in king difficulity.

-Added Collision Reactions in Changes in behaviour.
*Now AI wont feel like a tank when players hit them.

v1.61 Changelog
-Added Better Automatic and Manual Transmission in changes in performance.
*Makes Automatic and Sequential Manual Transmission better for players by decrasing their throttle delay.

-AI Performance v3.1
*Increased the AI porsche 997 car's cornering capability.
*All AI cars now have better automatic or manual shifting by default.

-Added Disable Drag Mistake Punishment in changes in behaviour.
*Disables the node for punishment in drag races.Now players wont get a throttle delay when they short shift or over rev in manual.

-Added Ugrade Tweak in changes in performance
*Now stage 3 parts will give the 100% of the max performance instead of %80.
*Stage 4 parts are now like junkman parts in Most Wanted.They will boost the cars Max Upgrades by %20.
*Now, Nitrous with same tiers but different brands have the same performance.(Example:Tier 2 Nitrous, NOS brand = Tier 2 Nitrous, Nitrous Express brand.) In the vanilla version, every nitrous brand comes with different performance.

-Added Increased Money in RewardCards in Price Overhaul
*Increased the amount of money reward in rewardcards that you get by dominating or wining race days.

-Added Hardcore Collisions in Hardcore Tweaks
*Now clashes with AI and the world are much more powerfull that they can break your car instantly in higher speeds.

v1.62.2 Changelog
-Hotfix Update
-AI Performance v3.2
*Balanced the Dday AI cars.
*Corrected some nodes for AI cars.

-AI Aggression
*Tweaked the Drag node little bit more.

-Changed the Pinkslip Raceday AI Update
*Balanced the AI Drag cars in challenge days.

v1.62.3 Changelog
-Pinkslip Raceday Player Update Changes:
*Changed the 350z pinkslip to vanilla version due to being buggy with a custom pinkslip.
(Credits to Lelaneth for giving me this feedback.)
*Now pinkslip cars that players get has better Automatic and Manuel Sequential by default.

v1.63 Changelog
-Added Race Standings Points Tweak in Hub Difficulity Tweak
*Now every position counts in terms of proggression.The reason this tweak is added,is to make the game less grindy to proggress in storyline.

*Vanilla Point System to Tweaked Point System

1st: Points are same. (4500)
2nd: 2500 to 3500
3rd: 1000 to 3000
4th: 750 to 2750
5th: 500 to 2500
6th: 300 to 1750
7th: 200 to 1500
8th: 100 to 1250

-Performance Match Rebalance
*Now with the points tweak,i had to increase the performance match of the cars so players get tougher competition in the last parts of the game.
New Performance Match:
*Easy:40% MinPerformance 80% MaxPerformance
*Normal:50% Min Performance 90% Max Performance
*Hard:62.5% Min Performance 100% Max Performance
*Extreme:75% Min Performance 100% Max Performance

-Changes in Hardcore Collisions:
*Increased the collision MassScale little bit more.

1.64 Changelog
-Added Increased Hub Level in Hub Difficulity Tweak
*Increases the hub level in Super Promotion and early hubs in king paths.

-Added Mixed Racers in Changes in Performance
*Now some unused AI racecars are in career mode!
This tweak increases the amount of different AI racers players can encounter in the grip and speedchallenge event types.

-AI Performance v3.3
*Reworked Suspension and Downforce Offset in high speed event types for AI cars.

1.65 Changelog
-AI Performance v4
*Fixed the AI's twitchy steering in Speed Events.(Let me know if some cars are still twitchy.)
*Increased the racing capabilities of Boxcut and Apex Glide teams in every event type.
*Rebalanced the intro hub of the Super Promotion's Speed Events.
*Rebalanced the AI's EJ6 Honda Civic a little bit.
*Now speed challenges are no joke in endgame stages of the game.If players are not cautious with their car choice or with their performance tuning,they will have a hard time beating the events,especially in higher difficulities.
Special thanks to jepu for finding some of the unbalances in the mod.

1.65.1 Changelog
-AI Performance v4.1
*Fixed both Paul Trask's and Joe Tackett's car performance in drag races.

Quick Notes!

1-If you have hard time with DRAG OR DRIFT i highly suggest checking out NFS2SE3HP4HS8U2's car tunes for ProStreet or Marcy2200's time lap rankings in every mode in ProStreet to see which car is the best and which one is the worst.I would love to put their Youtube links here but i dont have their permission yet.
2-If you reinstall the script you already did before,vlted will give error saying you already have the node (duh..).You dont have to worry since it wont do anything negative.
3-Don't forget to report if you see any bugs or want to say something you don't like about the mod.Remember,any kind of feedback is welcome!
Things left to do:
Change/Nerf drafting.(This is going to take some time.)


High Speed Event Results:


Grip Event Results :



Drag Event Results:

Wheelie Event Results:

Drift Event Results:


hypeeerspeed (May 22, 2021 @ 12:18)
@MackN actually if you only installed the AI part, thats not in my end but let me check.

MackN (May 22, 2021 @ 11:25)
When I tried to make my own blueprint (based on the Drag Civic Battle Machine) the game crashes.
Is that due to the changes you made for the Raceday pinkslips?
Or have I installed the scripts incorrectly? I did follow the instructions and put "AI PERFORMANCEv4" before "Pinkslip Raceday AI Update"

hypeeerspeed (May 22, 2021 @ 04:05)
@jepu if you can tell me what you discord is,i can send it to you with rear wheel fix too.

Luken (May 20, 2021 @ 20:42)
@hypeeerspeed, i just red your comment of the 10 may about drafting, great news, vanilla drafting always bother me, ive got to be honest, havent been playing in this period, havent got time to try the new version, take your time.

hypeeerspeed (May 20, 2021 @ 12:27)
@jepu thank you for the feedback.I'look into the info about the civic and the pinkslip hub in Super Promotion.As for result simulation,i'm not sure if i can increase the result simulation little bit more since its at max for AI but still i'll look into that too.And thanks for trying my mod!

Uploaded at: April 16, 2021 @ 13:26


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