Nissan Skyline Hydros Techno by DeFy

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

Nissan Skyline Hydros Techno

I'm back again bc my college got cancel for the C-19 pandemic (what a shit honestly). Instead doing nothing i going to continue working on my projects i have in mind.

This time is kinda different.. You know the Hydros Techno Vinyl from Burnout 2 right? That's bc i made it from scratch, yeah you read it right, from scratch by hand (fucking hurts man).

4096x quality pure and ngl looks awesome and also i'm going to let you guys have the vinyl on DDS and PNG format bc well.. the paradise one looks shit honestly

One more thing, i change something more than just textures but your gonna find out yourself.

Have fun!

Credits: Neon for his knowledge

How to install (Hero Icon)

1. Backup the original .BNDL file from \Need for Speed Most Wanted\UI\IMAGES\STREAMED
2. Replace the mod .BNDL file in \Need for Speed Most Wanted\UI\IMAGES\STREAMED

How to Install (Car Livery/Skin)

1. Backup the original .BNDL files from \Need for Speed Most Wanted\VEHICLES
2. Replace the mod .BNDL files in \Need for Speed Most Wanted\VEHICLES



Neon114 (April 26, 2021 @ 16:10)
0/10 car still drives