NFSMW (2012) HD Effects by Aero_

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NFSMW (2012) HD Effects

Video Demonstration
Hood Cam Demonstration

1. Download and extract
2. Move the scripts folder and dinput8.dll file to the game's install folder.
3. Configure settings in NFSMW2012HDEffects.ini.
4. Play.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the ToggleScreenDirt setting to not work.
  • Changed default setting for CinematicMode to 1.
  • Updated the included Ultimate-ASI-Loader to v4.68.

  • Fixed settings not being saved when CinematicMode was enabled.
  • Lowered the default VehicleReflectionDistance due to instability.

  • Fixed hotkeys momentarily freezing the game when used.
  • Added EnableHiddenCameras. Allows users to select Hood Cam and Overhead Cam.
  • Restored Hood Cam for all vehicles.
  • Added a toggle for time of day: Midnight, Dawn, Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, and Dusk.
  • Added CinematicMode = 2. This option improves reflection LOD even greater than before.
  • Added a multiplier for TimeCycleSpeed.
  • Added a multiplier for WreckResistance.
  • Added real-time shadow refresh rate. Disabled by default.
  • ToggleScreenDirt now hooks into completely different game code to reduce the likelihood of side effects.
  • Added [MAIN] and [GAMEPLAY] sections to INI file.

  • Fixed CinematicMode freezing the game when loading some races and cars.
  • INI file corrections.

  • VehicleReflectionRes : Controls the resolution of vehicle reflections.
  • WaterReflectionRes : Controls the resolution of water reflections.
  • ShadowRes : Controls the resolution of world shadows.
  • HeadlightShadowRes : Controls the resolution of shadows cast by headlights.
  • ReflectionShadowRes : Controls the resolution of shadows used in reflections.
  • WorldDistance : Controls the view distance of the entire game world.
  • WaterReflectionDistance : Controls the view distance of water reflections.
  • VehicleReflectionDistance : Controls the view distance of vehicle reflections.
  • EnableHiddenCameras : Enables unused camera modes.
  • TimeCycleSpeed : Multiplier that determines how quickly the world transitions from to day to night.
  • WreckResistance : Multiplier that determines how durable your car is. Does not work during online multiplayer.
  • CinematicMode : Enables a hidden setting that improves the level of detail, resolution, and quality of various effects.
  • AutoRefreshGraphics : Solves an issue that caused grass, bushes, and trees to not render until the resolution was changed.
  • HighShadowRefreshRate : Shadows will update in real-time rather than several second intervals.
  • MotionBlurStrength : Controls the intensity of the motion blur effect and improves consistency.
  • SetReflectionShadow : Allows users to enable or disable reflection shadows without affecting other shadows.
  • SetDOF : Allows users to enable or disable depth of field without affecting motion blur.
  • ToggleHUD : Determines if the HUD is enabled at launch.
  • ToggleHUDhotkey : Controls the ToggleHUD setting while playing.
  • ToggleScreenDirt : Determines if the Screen Dirt effect is enabled at launch.
  • ToggleScreenDirthotkey : Controls the ToggleScreenDirt setting while playing.
  • ToggleTimeOfDayhotkey : Allows users to cycle through midnight, dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, and dusk.

Q: What version of the game is this compatible with?
A: This has been tested using the official Steam and Origin releases, version 1.5.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: For 1080p, a GTX 1060 / RX 480 should be enough for the settings I've provided. Higher resolutions will require more powerful hardware.

Q: My PC isn't very good, can I still use this?
A: All settings can be adjusted in the INI file. If your PC was already capable of playing this game, you can basically get the same experience but with the benefits provided by this mod.

Q: Why is my game randomly crashing!?
A: Try disabling CinematicMode and ViewDistance. Unfortunately, some display resolutions will be unstable when these settings are used because of possible memory limitations.

Q: What is CinematicMode?
A: It's a hidden setting that improves the graphics beyond what was originally possible. I suspect it was used for creating trailers and screenshots based on its behavior.

Q: Does CinematicMode allow me to control the camera?
A: No, it improves the graphics. It does nothing else.

Q: Why do reflections still look blurry when viewed at a distance?
A: This is due to mipmapping and materials. Applying 16x anisotropic filtering in your control panel will improve the quality, but I've only been able to verify this for NVIDIA graphics cards.

Q: Why does WreckResistance not work during online multiplayer?
A: I don't support multiplayer cheating of any kind, and until the multiplayer servers are shut down it will remain this way. This feature was added to improve the singleplayer experience.

Aero_ : Creator of NFSMW2012 HD Effects.
ThirteenAG : Creator of Ultimate-ASI-Loader.



Critical16 (March 31, 2024 @ 09:44)
people when they realise that a mod that increases the graphical fidelity of an game will require a more powerfull PC 😨😨😨

acjaloves2020 (February 27, 2024 @ 12:52)
yo, 1660 user here

for someone with 1660 - i5-12k and 8gb 12gb with EVERYTHING in max config you can get like 40fps to 55fps? homewer, i need to say that shadow configs (shadowres + shadowrefreshrate) its the one that requires POWERFUL hardware so, good luck in that

fun fact is that in some jumps ur fps mostly spike to +120 for some reason LOL

joerizz (August 03, 2023 @ 03:52)
bro im scared its sais trojan generic rising

BingusandCheems (May 29, 2023 @ 09:19)
hotkey features is not on my settings help

RIxoder (May 05, 2023 @ 11:24)
I have a very strange issue when the mod changes the lighting of the game when i crash into something

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