New Gear Shifts Mod For NFSU2 by GamesKauaBr

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New Gear Shifts Mod For NFSU2


This mod changes the shifting styles of need for speed underground 2 for the better, with various types of shifting gears and includes different sounds for cars except those that don't have their own sounds.
Change Log v1.0.7:
- most shift patterns have been redone again this much better than previous versions

- some cars have their own shift patterns

- improvements to car sounds and changes

- added a mod option that keeps the default car sounds but with updated and improved shift patterns
depending on whether you leave it on pro or extreme, different styles of shift patterns will come out but recommended you do the transmission upgrades in order
for this mod to work you need to have the latest version of need for speed undergroud 2, v1.2 which supports mods like extra options and others

How to Install:
drag the "SOUND" folder inside the root folder of the game, the "scripts" folder you also drag inside the nfs u2 root folder and that's it

in the option that has default sounds just drag the scripts folder in the nfs u2 root folder

Mod v1.0.7 by GamesKauaBr

nlgzrgn - for making the NFSU2CarSoundTuner


Kvarkmeister (September 16, 2023 @ 20:14)
Idk if you're up for it but I'd love to see this compatible with Pabloracer's Sound Mod

Uploaded at: May 04, 2021 @ 23:02