Need for Speed Rivals Mastered by TheAceOfOne

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Need for Speed Rivals Mastered


A modpack that attempts to make Need for Speed Rivals more fun
Reworks drifting to be more smooth and precise

Rebalances weapons to be more balanced
Turbo: HP2010 Turbo
Spike Strip: More ammo, spammable, more damage
Stun mine: Slight damage increase
EMP: Longer Lock on time, less damage
ESF: Fixed damage amount, no longer dependent on speed
Chopper: Lasts longer, more ammo, longer tracking time, MUCH more spike strips
Roadblock: More cars, all cars can leave the block and join pursuit now,

Compatible mods that enhance the experience:
Cops2Racers by Hypercycle (Absolute legend!!!)
Skip intro Video by regal (Thank you so much)

Looking for Modders to help finish this! I'm not picky with who I choose, even if all you can do is change a decal to a random meme image you can join at and use !iwanttohelp to ask, I appreciate it!

To install the mod use Frosty Mod Manager ( and Frosty Fix (, Use Frosty Fix to enable mods for Need for Speed Rivals and use Mod Manager to import and enable the .fbmod files, this mod will work online if other players also have the mod, and before you ask, you CANNOT get banned from NFS Rivals online, there is ZERO anticheat.


TheAceOfOne (May 11, 2021 @ 22:16)
Excellent Suggestion Lardo! I will make a version for 60 fps mode that will rework things around it, many people are picking this game up on EA desktop via EA Play from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, I cannot get 60 fps to work on that version of the game, so I will have to rely solely on feedback from users, something I am willing to do, If you want to help or have any other complaints, Feel free to tell me in the discord chat!

Lardo (May 11, 2021 @ 15:56)
since you can alter damage, lock on times and such, I think first thing would be to fix those for 60 fps mode and balance from there.

Uploaded at: May 09, 2021 @ 17:50