HD UI Remake (v0.5) by Reameb

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

HD UI Remake (v0.5)


The purpose of this mod is to improve the quality of the game's interface elements, by remaking every texture from scratch in a higher resolution. Carbon is an old game and the user interface textures didn't age well at all, this mod fixes that so you can enjoy the game in your modern setup.

This mod is WORK IN PROGRESS, updates are worked on depending on the circumstances of day to day life, stay tuned!

Change Log

What's New (v0.5):
This is more of a general fix and improvement update, I made discoveries about how the game handles textures and managed to come up with a better way to export DDS files without any artifacts, as well as removing mipmaps from textures that benefit from it, both these changes lead to a better looking UI, because now the textures are uncompressed, apart from all of this, there are a few changes.

  • Added more non-english characters to the main body font, used by Spanish, Italian and Finnish (WIP)
  • Fixed main body font having artifacts, now it's free of those and a little bit more crisp.
  • Fixed jagged minimap icons in-game world (free roam / racing)
  • Intro Screen CARBON Logo (Thanks to Aero_ for the logo!)
  • Player Camo (Most Screens & Owned Territory)

Textures Remade: 2 | Textures Remade so far: 70
(Yes, both fonts the game uses are remade in HD)
(Full change log in the mod files)


Open the screenshots in a new tab! Helps notice the changes way better.


XGAMER (July 11, 2021 @ 02:01)
You are missing letters with tilde , The rest is very good

Reameb (May 31, 2021 @ 20:21)
Yeah sorry, probably because battle royale, the reason is some TPKBlocks names in battle royale files are different, Next release it will have battle royale / imp mod support, if you know how to use binary to see the files change "TPKBlocks FRONTENDTEXTURES" from my mod main.end to "TPKBlocks WhateverNameCBRHas" , you'd have to check for the name but I'll release a hotfix soon anyway, need to download all the major mods to check myself.

EmirGenc131 (May 31, 2021 @ 16:26)
File: main.end, Line: 13
Command: [bind_textures synchronize FRONTEND\FRONTB1.LZC TPKBlocks FRONTENDTEXTURES "textures\FRONTB1\FRONTENDTEXTURES"]
Error: Collection named FRONTENDTEXTURES does not exist

This mod breaking the writings. I had installed it before but when I damaged that game file and forgot to backup, I reinstalled and I was unable to use the nfs2015 map and your hdui remake mode. (Battleroyale mode was installed before and now installed) PLS HELP because i love your mod

LuckyLuke (May 24, 2021 @ 12:49)
No problem. And thanks to you for your work!

Reameb (May 24, 2021 @ 11:43)
Yeah there are missing characters, both fonts are still work in progress, I will try to get them done, thanks for the support!

Uploaded at: May 14, 2021 @ 19:35


3d7ca8-HD UI Remake [v0.5].7z (Size: 755.62KB) Latest Version
499eff-HD UI Remake [V0.3].7z (Size: 462.39KB) Old Version
e94246-Ream's HD UI Remake (b0.2).7z (Size: 374.44KB) Old Version