New Window Tints PS2 Style Mod NFS U2 by GamesKauaBr

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New Window Tints PS2 Style Mod NFS U2


IMPORTANT: before installing the MOD make a backup of the "GLOBAL" original folder in case you didn't like the mod
in the garage, the windows tints medium will be a little white due to the lighting and reflections of the garage,
but when it comes to running in the open world and on the tracks it looks exactly like a thumb in the PS2 style.

This mod changes the window tints of each color making it stronger, kind of like the PS2 version, where this mod makes your cars look better whit window tint mod while playing in the city and on the track than the PC standard,
(window tint Dark Black PC) is not really black like the PS2 version.
It is worth remembering that not all window tints are perfect in order to do exactly the same as the PS2 because the game was made first on the PS2 platform then the port was made

this mod was made thanks to MaxHwoy's Binary

Window Tints changed:

- Medium Black (Dark Black PS2 Window Tint)
- Medium Blue (Dark Blue PS2 Window Tint)
- Medium Red (Dark Red PS2 Window Tint)

- Aqua
- Dark Gold
- Dark Lime
- Dark Pearls Color
- And etc
How To Install:

- drag the "GLOBAL" folder to the NFS U2 game folder and replace 2 files


Binary By MaxHwoy


Hunnyboop (July 23, 2021 @ 08:38)
Could you upload the individual files?

Kvarkmeister (May 21, 2021 @ 20:04)
Looks really good! However, I'd love to see a Binary version due to the amount of GlobalB.lzc mods out there.