DLC cars unlock script by SIDEK

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DLC cars unlock script


This script unlocks three dlc cars that were only obtainable in pc through EA downloader back in the day (997.1 911 turbo, challenger`71 and g35).
Nowadays it´s impossible to get them this way, so I made a script that unlocks them.

First of all: I decided to make this mod because the one that already exists (the one by KylaAngelineKZYeng)
also unlocks the zonda, corolla and `07 shelby GT500 in the car lot (which I don´t want) and doesn´t properly unlock the porsche 911 turbo.

DISCLAIMER: in the same way as KylaAngelineKZYeng´s script, this one doesn´t work well with the Improvement mod,
Ultimate mod or any other big mod that already adds these cars.

So with that said, this mod has two options:

1st option: the three dlc cars are class restricted (so for example if you pick the brera as your starter, you won´t unlock the g35 nor the challenger71
until you beat darius)

Unlock conditions:

The 911 turbo is unlocked simultaneously with the slr mclaren if you choose the exotic path

The challenger71 is unlocked simultaneously with the mustang gt if you choose the muscle path

The g35 is unlocked simultaneously with the 350z if you choose the tuner path (TWO VQ BOIS, THE CHOICE IS YOURS)

2nd option: the cars are unlockable no matter the starter car you choose.

Unlock conditions:

The 911 turbo is unlocked simultaneously with:

- The slr if you pick exotic path
- The corvette if you pick muscle path
- The impreza if you pick tuner path

The challenger71 is unlocked simultaneously with

- The mustang gt if you pick the tuner or muscle path
- The monaro if you pick tuner path

The g35 is unlocked is unlock simultaneously with

- The 350z if you pick tuner path
- The supra if you pick exotic or muscle path

Additional 911 turbo pricing script: the car originally costs 75000, which is in my opinion, too cheap for one of the best cars in the game. Therefore,
I´ve added a script that changes the price of the car to 150000. (this number can be modified to whatever price you like, just change it in the script file)

To install this mod you need VltEd v4.6


- Run vlted as administrator

- Then go to File --> open, and locate your game directory

- When its opened, go to File --> Import --> modscript, and select the option of your choosing

- Then install it and save

- Quit the tool

- Create a new save

You now have 3 extra beauties in the carlot to buy!


Fixed bug where the mustang can´t be unlocked

Known issues:

The script might not be compatible with a 996 turbo addon


- nfsu360 for VltEd
- KylaAngelineKZYeng because thanks the their script, I´ve learned how unlock conditions work in nfs carbon
- Black Box for creating this amazing game
- EA for being little bastards and locking the only 911 in the game behind a dlc


A description of my mod goes here.


MidnightC (June 09, 2021 @ 02:53)
I sent u reply to ur message. But u know it could just be an issue with my Carbon or in my instance. Option 2.

SIDEK (June 08, 2021 @ 07:59)
Thanks for the feedback. I´ll check on it. Just a question, what option did you choose, 1 or 2?

MidnightC (June 07, 2021 @ 04:44)
So i went exotic, and as i unlocked the Supra the G35 wasn't unlocked with it. Minor thing but i thought maybe it didnt work? The 911T and Challenger worked as it should tho!

MidnightC (May 26, 2021 @ 02:34)
Older games weird problems, always. ProStreet i wish i owned on PC - the PS3 copy i sold a long time ago. Physical has its perks and i wish shitty EA would "revive" these games somehow. Community is still strong!

MidnightC (May 26, 2021 @ 02:28)
Haha lol was like why's there 3 of the same comment? No prob. But umm yea i found a CE of Carbon here. I dont have a DVD reader in my PC - guess most that build a new computer dont..but yeah that's what i'll have to do, copy of Carbon and buy a external DVD drive too.

Think it is a rare case. Heard of a few when i was looking up what this issue is. But its pretty uncommon, could've tried it on a clean install but that'll be annoying as well if it does the same thing again.