HeatRoboto by elaymm4

Category: Any | Game: Need for Speed: Heat


HeatRoboto - it's a mod that mostly tries to replicate beta look of original game, but also introduces its own touches and ideas, making overall look of the game even better.

>>> Google Drive download link <<<

===== ISSUES =====
  • Notification box can overlay minimap and leaderboard
  • Objective list overlays speedometer
  • Race intro/outro screen for drift score has fitment/font scaling issue
  • Raziel name doesn't show up in speaker screen

===== CHANGELOG =====
Audio and UI
  • Different playback audio at the FINISH X PLACE screen
  • Beta auxiliary (yellow one)
  • Beta car performance widget
  • Beta health bar
  • Beta heat (level) icon with proper filler color
  • Beta icons for Ana & Lucas missions
  • Beta intros & outros
  • Beta speedo
  • Beta yellow-message icons for other narrative missions (such as Wayne, Roshini, Dex)
  • Early AR activity look
  • Early AR event look
  • Early notifications and objective list
  • Early race HUD, for all gamemodes
  • Early slider style, which features more separation elements

  • Beta flamingo license plate as default (remake with help from GZILLA)
  • Default license plate text renamed to "ROBOTO"
  • Early placeholder "Florida" plate (hidden as default option, when you reset customization)
  • Shaw's license plate has been renamed to "SH4W"
  • Replica of "NFS SPEEDHUNTERS" black plate from cover art (assets from Project Unite)

  • Cops now behave a lot more like in the first released version of the game
  • Unlock requirements for some of the cars were changed to beta ones

  • A lot of places like the virtual space, garage and the world now don't have overpowered sharp filter
  • Cops now have brighter lights
  • Enhanced car lights at night (assets from Project Unite)
  • Improved rain droplets on cars (assets from Project Unite)
  • New road textures (assets from Project Unite)
  • New sanction racing stuff (replica of ones from early art concept, different checkpoint flag (2 variations: placeholder & gc demo) + a little different animated arrow barriers)
  • New visuals for main garage (closer to 2019 gameplay trailer version)
  • New visuals for midday (mix of early screenshots and personal ideas)
  • New visuals for night (mix of early versions of night, personal ideas and blue sky)
  • New visuals for overcast (replica of beta one)
  • New visuals for sunset (a few touches to make them look like some of promotional screenshots by CROWNED)
  • New visuals for the day/night transition (assets from Project Unite)


username (April 25, 2022 @ 07:09)
Project unite*

username (April 25, 2022 @ 07:08)
Could you publish the assets from the project separately please?

elaymm4 (November 03, 2021 @ 20:07)
Uhh, I'm actually completely lost on what could possibly cause this. Sorry!

ZephyrAhmed19 (November 02, 2021 @ 16:39)
Hey man! the mod is great in all ways but it has a major flaw! whenever i hit a cop car in online, the game just instantly disconnects from the server and sends me back to the main menu. any fix on that?

kgavarkar97 (September 27, 2021 @ 13:35)
Are you planning on updating this mod from Unite 3.0? If yes, can you disable dynamic shadows? I mean that thing really takes toll on performance...so yeah

Uploaded at: May 24, 2021 @ 10:42