Arash AF10 (Addon) by UndercoverBoy833

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Arash AF10 (Addon)


The Arash AF10 is a hybrid hypercar by Arash.
First conceptualized in 2009 as a Corvette-powered supercar.
It later returned in 2016 as an upgraded version,
this time as a hybrid hypercar.

Exported from Asphalt 8 to NFS carbon, this car is an Add-on, it won't replace any car.


1. Copy the AF10 folder to CARS folder (Wherever your game it's installed)
2. Using VTLEd, open it first and install the script Arash Af10.nfsms (Ctrl + I)
3. Once you have done it, save (Ctrl + S).
4. You have two ways to install the car, by using Ed and Binary, this last one is recommended.

4.1 In Ed, move the AF10.ini file to Config and the Logos to Resources, then Open Ed and install the car
and Save

4.2 In Binary, Select User Mode, and install the script install.end, and Save.

Credits: for the A8 model
Fardeen 833 aka UndercoverBoy833 to export the car to NFS Carbon
TEARSTREAT8015 to make Binary files and tested the car.


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Uploaded at: June 02, 2021 @ 12:55