[NFSMW] Mod Heat 8-15 by COMMUNITYLE06

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[NFSMW] Mod Heat 8-15


Mod Info:
Heat 8:
only few vehicle were added
Cross Corvette , Cop Crusier , and Cop SUV (Got inspired by NFSMW Intro)
Heat 9:
State Cops(GTO) , Federal Cops(C6) , and Heavy Supercharged SUV Cops
Heat 10:
Cross Corvette , Federal Undercover (Ghost C6) , and Federal Cops (C6)
Heat 11:
almost same as Heat 10 but
- Much Faster Bust Speed :D
- extra time for cooldown
- Heavy Supercharged SUV
- Federal Undercover and Federal Cops Are Here
- Backup Timer is 30.00s
- 50 Cops and 20 Cops Will Trigger Backup
-High chance for incoming Rhino SUV

Update SH 2.3:
Heat 1- 5 :
High Chance For Roadblock/Spike strip

Heat 12 - Heat 15 , Heat 15 Called as a Threat
Heat 15 have 100 Cops , 0.10s Backup time , Using NFSUC Cop Formation , Very Long Cooldown , way faster bust speed compared to heat 11x , and 15 cops are patroling .

A Small Improvement for Junkman Parts , Cops Might Rubberband Much Fatser (UP TO 500KM/H) , I remove every heli in heat 8 - 10 , and heat 11 does not have spike strip

Also don't forget read "README.TXT" or this mod will won't work

cars i recommend to use:
-Any Fast Car

Heat 20X Canceled Beacuse The Mod Bricks My Game and i can't just rebuilt the mod ..... Replacement Mod
Will coming soon


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Uploaded at: June 06, 2021 @ 08:15