Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB15 Honda by PonySparkle69

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB15 Honda

This is my first car to convert into a NFS car.

Replaces: NONE

Customization and Tuning:
- Rims
- Nitrous only
- Visuals (#23 and #33)

- Real Racing 3 driver
- Performance and tire offsets data from Eclipse's W10
- Red Bull energy drink
- Asian Tom Cruise

Read the readme.txt file for instructions.

DMN (from and Firemonkeys - mesh and textures
Aceofsquares3 and Cishy - for helping me out how to convert a car
Adobe Photoshop CS6
nfsu360 - NFS TexEd 1.7, NFS VltEd 4.6, NFS CarToolkit
MaxHwoy - Binary
nlgzrgn - Ed The Car Dealer, and NFSMW Unlimiter
Eclipse 72rus - Performance data, and driver from Eclipse's W10.
PonySparkle69 - converting to NFS MW


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Uploaded at: June 09, 2021 @ 14:47