NFSU2 Steroid performance by NATHANIEL900

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NFSU2 Steroid performance

This mod makes many cars have realistic HP, however this is UG2 and cars must handle accordingly. I created this mod with the UG2 online discord in mind, which can be found at

- You will find that all cars are balanced around where they would be in real life, minus the civic and hummer.
- Cars such as the Tiburon and Corolla do not have much horsepower and reflect their real life power capability.
- The civic has 780 hp and light handling, which may be unrealistic but now it keeps up with the meta cars that I have created.
- The hummer with stock parts and top nos is equivalent to a maxed out hummer, but when you add level three parts it can go 310mph with over 2500 horsepower.
- The SUVs have increased nos capacity compared to ordinary cars.
- Best circuit car is Skyline, followed by RX-7 and Impreza.
- The best car for legit top speed is the Mustang GT.

To install this mod, simply drag GlobalB.lzc into your game's "GLOBAL" folder.

Note: Please backup your original GlobalB.lzc file.


SpeedyTofu (June 19, 2021 @ 16:34)
Its either realistic, or steroid, you cant have both, you cant eat a cookie and have the same cookie.

NATHANIEL900 (June 18, 2021 @ 20:18)
It's called "STEROID" realism for a reason, also gRiMBMW (owner of the discord) requested OP H2, but we plan to use the other cars in a tournament setting

KonixKun (June 18, 2021 @ 19:36)
Do mind this is on a "balance" standpoint, if you weren't minding it much or the server has rules or so, then there's no much need to do fixes, most other cars are just fine.

KonixKun (June 18, 2021 @ 19:35)
Tried it with some friends, and I mean, the hummer is just simply overpowered, with some easy tuning it turns as well as other cars, yet it has far better accelleration, lowering rear grip makes it stop doing wheelies, so it 's also just fully stable, there's simply no reason to use other vehicle other than the H2 in this version, getting to 500 kmh in like 5 seconds is far too overpowered even if the handling still isn't as good as the rx7 or the r34

SpeedyTofu (June 17, 2021 @ 18:42)
With power like this, you would have to rebuild the engine very, very often, this is not realistic at all. I find it funny how 1000+ hp mods are being called "realistic", ug2's car performance for the most part is pretty realistic (exception being early game cars).

Uploaded at: June 17, 2021 @ 17:12