Grid Autosport Vinyl Pack by AttilaK

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Grid Autosport Vinyl Pack

These vinyls were meant to reprezent some of the teams that they apear in the underrated racing game Grid Autosport

The list being like this:
Alfa Romeo 8C Team Kicker by Gamer Boy(having custom debug as well)
Aston Martin One-77 Ravenwest Motorsport by ACLambor and Raverz
BMW M3 Intel Motorsport by Eclipse
Honda S2000 Intel Motorsport and Oakley Motorsport by Eclipse
Jaguar XKR-S Oakley Motorsport by Eclipse
Mazda RX-7 Spirit Type R by Eveee
Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series Team Kicker,Ravenwest Motorsport and Ravenwest Motorsport(White) by LM1992(having custom debug as well)
Nissan Silvia S15 Team Kicker by Vee
SRT Viper GTS Intel Motorsport by Eclipse
Subaru BRZ Team Kicker and Intel Motorsport by F.R


NFS Texted 1.7

NFS MW Recomplied Vinyls the latest one (optional)

and your brain


1.Extract wherever you want them

2.Open NFS Texted and find the car folder and select the VINYLS

3.Search each vinyl depends on their names

4.Replace the files

5.Open the game and enjoy your new vinyls

Tools Used:

NFS Texted


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Uploaded at: July 01, 2021 @ 08:55