NFSU x uamee by NFSkuba04

Category: Sounds | Game: Need for Speed: Underground

NFSU x uamee

This mod alters the game's soundtrack, replacing boring traps and rocks with juicy hardbass by the Latvian artist uamee.

Installation: Extract the files from the archive into your game directory. Remember to make a backup in case something went pizdec or you just want the original music back.

1.1 - NEW SONG ADDED: 2021 Instrumental Mix - 17-minute compilation of Uamee's hits of 2021: including:
-YARIK (pt. 4 of Tolik Cinematic Universe)
-HIND (Mi-24 song)
-GORDON (Half-Life SFX Hardbass)
-KOLYA (pt. 3 of Tolik Cinematic Universe)
-PINGS KILL (Discord Hardbass)
-KHARKOVCHANKA / THE BAY LEAF (both use the same instrumental)

1.01 - updated albums of some songs (paste the new ini file in the place of the old one)

-uamee and his comrades (Alan Aztec, DeMantis, Sweetlana, Life of Boris) - making these masterpieces
-Arushan - music importing tools
-nlgzrgn - NFSU Trax Renamer
-you - downloading this mod

This mod has been posted under permission from the original creator, uamee. Do not repost this mod anywhere without my permission.


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