NFS Carbon Own the City Crew Vinyls pack by UB833

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NFS Carbon Own the City Crew Vinyls pack

Need for speed Carbon Own The City Vinyls pack for NFS Carbon

This is the biggest mod you've ever remember how you play NFS carbon OTC on PSP or PSP emulator
I've made every possible crew members and leaders' livery of PSP version NFS Carbon. SO You need to be extra precise to apply as an exact replica
of the cars.

The following cars' livery are listed below:
- Mazda Speed 3(Arjen, Glover, West) from Berserkers and Eastsiderz
- 240SX (Marcus, Poorboy, Juice and PK) from Berserkers and Eastsiderz
- Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 (Striker, Sly) From berserkers and eastsiderz
- Nissan 350Z (Daemon, Buckster) from CORPS
- Skyline R34 (Rykie/Pip, Wraith) from CORPS
- Impreza (MK and Sweder) from CORPS
- Elise (Crippler) from CORPS
- Corvette (Amanda, Clutch) from Crimson
- Ford GT (Scotty, Garth) from Crimson
- MB SL65 AMG (Ex, Donny and Lance{Same vinyl as Donny}) from Crimson
- Lambo Gallardo (Mtomp) from Crimson
- Audi TT (Layla 5 and Hanson) from Sirens and Team Mega
Note: You can find Audi TT at TEARSTREAT801's Audi Pack:
- Mitsubishi Eclipse (Buddy) from Team Mega
- Mazda RX-8 (Layla 1 and Turtle) from Team Mega and Sirens
- Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (as in the PSP Version but it doesn't appear) {GXD, Jenna} from CORPS
- Toyota Supra (Dennis) from Team Mega
- Ford Mustang Fastback '67 {but in Carbon: Mustang Shelby GT500 '67} (Layla 3, Steve) from Sirens and Team Mega
- Toyota MR2 (Layla 2) from Sirens

You can use those vinyls of your choice by adding via Binary and MAKE SURE In the DBModelParts\VINYL_GENERIC you add slots first in Binary and after adding, rename as GENERIC_VINYLNAME (EXPERTS Only) and
format will be DXT5

Special thanks to:
Vicius for remaking all of the designs and logos
Ariso for enhancing only CORPS and Berserkers logo
Me for making a vinyls and got my idea by myself
TEARSTREAT801 for Audi Pack permission support.


If you guys have any problem, feel free to ask me and I'll update it.

If you want to add it yourself and not replace any existing file (EXPERTS ONLY)

1. Open Binary editor

2. Select Modder mode

3. Go to GLOBAL>Global.Ibz>DBModelParts>Vinyls_Generic

4. Now as you select Vinyls_Generic, click on "Open Editor" or just double tap on the "Vinyls_Generic" option

5. Now you will find different fields. Now on the bottom there will "TFK"

6. Select the TFK design and now on the top left of the Binary window will be the option "Car Parts"

7. Click on it while having "TFK" selected and now click on "Copy Part" or just press Ctrl + C having TFK selected

8. There should be an additional "TFK" created

9. Now, you should see a small black " + " sign in a white squre next to the TFK, click on it

10. Now once your double click on it, it should open 5 different fields

11. 4 of the 5 fields will have "TFK" name. The fields are "TEXTURE_NAME" , "NAME_OFFSET" , "PART_NAME_BASE_HASH" , "TEXTURE".

12. Click on each of them and they will all still have "TFK" in the "Value" slot. Now since this Vinyl pack contains 5 vinyls, each need additional fields. So you need to click on TFK, copy it 5 times. For Eg. we take the vinyl named "CLUTCH"

13. Now what you need to do is, click on the "TFK" names writtin along the "Value" in the top right box and rename all "TFK" to "CLUTCH"

14. Once you have renmaed all 4, just press that cross sign on the binary editor window to exist the editor mode

15. Now you need to click on "Main" located in top left of Binary window and select "save files". Or just press Ctrl + S

16. Now you have successfully created an additional vinyl slot, now we need to add our texture to it.

17. Now open the file "" located in "(HARD WAY) > "All vinyls" and extract it to your dekstop

18. open CARS\PRECOMPVINYLS\PRECOMPVINYLS.BIN path and go to TPKBlocks\PRECOMP node: and import from folder from HARD WAY (EXPERTS ONLY)

19. done and save.

Optional: if you want language hashes just install ARCHIE's extended customization mod first and add new key LANGUAGE_HASH and after that go to english_frontend.bin path and write in string editor: VINYL_CLUTCH for example. Also if you want to add a vinyl specifically to your cars, go to VINYL_SPECIFIC, then do the same as in VINYL_GENERIC

Happy modding


* added Juice's livery for 240SX, one of eastsiderz member
* Resized to 2048px and in DXT5


fardeen833 (October 23, 2021 @ 11:51)
@compicat sorry I'll update once I get time

compicat (October 22, 2021 @ 23:23)
17. Now open the file "" located in "(HARD WAY) > "All vinyls" and extract it to your dekstop

where is this folder? couldnt find in rar

Scpturb (October 20, 2021 @ 21:30)
Thank you very much dude, i will going to try it

fardeen833 (October 19, 2021 @ 06:43)
then go to precompvinyls.bin file and then add it here

fardeen833 (October 19, 2021 @ 06:42)
Use Binary 2.8.0 to add vinyls and