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NFSU2 Extra Options

NFS Underground 2 - Extra Options
v5.1.0.1340 (Build 5.1; Rev.00)

Source Code:
(Some options are disabled by default. Don't forget to check the 'NFSU2ExtraOptionsSettings.ini' file out.)

+ Hide Nifty Drift Messages
> You can now get rid of "Good Drift!", "Perfect Drift!", etc. messages while drifting! You are always the drift king, tho.

+ Window Damage Fix
> Window damage isn't limited to the game moment camera anymore!

+ Lap and Opponent Controllers
- You can have from 0 (which makes the race unlimited) to 127 (Really long races) laps.
> Maximum opponents are now limited with 5 instead of 3. (More than 6 players will crash the game.)
! These options are valid for LAN races, too.

+ Change Maximum Drift Multiplier
> The default value was x5. You can boost it up to x9, or use x1 for more challenging drift races.
! Now with this hack, static drift scores in Heights Drift races are multiplied with Multiplier/5 (1.8 for x9) to balance them with you.
> You can also tweak how your score will look like. Add a + before it, or show it without multiplying.

+ Hide Online from Main Menu
> This option won't have any function until a wild NFSU2 server emulator appears. So, you can remove it from the menu.

+ Show Outrun Mode in Quick Race Menu
> Your 1vs1 game mode from Career and LAN is now available in Quick Race.
! But with some issues: Screen will stay black, it isn't even split. And you control 2 cars at the same time.
! You can fix the black screen using 'ExperimentalSplitScreenFix' option in [Fixes] section.

+ Enable Track Selection for Free Run and Outrun
> They have a very long list! Just try it.
> No more random tracks for Outrun game mode!

+ Play Any Track in Any Race Mode
> Drift in your favourite track, or make a free roam Drag!
> This option will also add hidden tracks in menus.
> You can enable or disable it anytime, just press "End" before selecting a race mode!
! This will make the list too long. After some races, icons won't scroll. But you can select a race safely.
! If you select a Sprint Drift (Heights Drifts) for another game mode, your game will crash when you finish the race.

+ Show Special Vinyl Category
> Debug vinyl and sponsor vinyls; just go install them from the Vinyls menu.
! Some vinyls don't work for some cars.

+ Change Splash Screen Time Limit
> 30 seconds aren't enough? Make it a minute, an hour, maybe a day!

+ Enable Hidden Camera Angles
> Birds eye free roam? Yeah, it's here!
> Unused Driver Camera is here, too!

+ Unlock Region Specific Cars
> You can drive Peugeout 106 & Vauxhall Corsa in your NTSC game. Same deal with Acura RSX & Honda Civic in your PAL game.
> They will be available at Customize Menu and Career Car Lot.
> They also appear as AI opponents.
! You need to have files for these cars. You can get them here (Thanks to 379Felipe) :!MEA3zI4S!qaHxSggw_n_zjzSUKmiVn5Xf0rTpOsjvUueA5GPw-hI

+ Unlock All Things
> This will unlock everything in game. Like a season pass, but it's for FREE!
> You can enable or disable it anytime, just press "F5"!

+ Remove Barriers
> Locked area barriers or route indicators, remove if you don't want them!
! This hack will be disabled for Drift, StreetX and URL tracks to fix invisible walls bug.

+ Change Neon Brightness
> Are that neons too bright for you? You can dim them.

+ Carbon-Styled Race Progress
> No more LAPS 1/1! You'll see % progress on 1-lap races now.

+ Enable subtitles for English!
> You want to know what they talk about, but you can't understand what do they say? This is for you!
! Some subtitles are buggy, because of their cut strings.

+ Fixed "Please insert disc 2." bug for PCs without optical drives.
> The game wants you to insert the disc even with a No-DVD crack? Now it's fixed, just run the game!

+ Toggle Headlights
> Off, Low Beam or High Beam. However you want.
! You can also change brightness for each setting.

+ Show More Race Options
> It will let you enable AI opponents in Sprint Drift (Heights Drift) races.
> You can also disable fixed lap and opponent counts for Lap KO enabled races.

+ Save/Load Hot Position
> You can save your place in the world and teleport it when you want.
> Press 'LShift + 1' to save, 'LCtrl + 1' to load.
> Hot positions are stored in "NFSU2\TRACKS\" file. You can open it with any text editor.
! Files will be different for each game world, so you can't teleport yourself to airport while in Drift track.

+ Show Debug Car Customize
> Select any car in customize menu and select the latest option.

+ Garage Camera Hacks
> You can now scroll the camera infintely in Y axis. Just hold your middle click and drag up/down.

+ Debug Camera
> Press 'L' to switch between modes.
> Modes and their controls are listed below. (Thanks to Xan1242)

- NUMPAD 8, 2, 4, 6 - look down, up, left, right
- [, ] - watch traffic / racer car

- NUMPAD 8, 2, 4, 6 - look down, up, left, right
- NUMPAD 1, 3 - move forwards and backwards
- NUMPAD 9, 7 - move up and down
- [, ] - strafe left and right
- 5 - summon player car at camera's position

- disabled, no controls are available

- broken, missing UI

+ Game Speed
> Set game speed!
! It doesn't affect menus.
! Too low and high values will corrupt car physics and control responsiveness.

+ World Animation Speed
> Those trees are waving so fast? Try this option!
! Fixed a bug that stops animations when you disable VSync.

+ Game Region
> You can't play with your European friends? Just change your game region code to anything else.
! It may change your cars' frontend information. (Logos and names)

+ Starting Cash
> Start with a specified amount of cash. Get rich easily from the start!

+ Weather Options
> Open the .ini file and go to the [Weather] section. Set it as you like!

+ Disappearing Wheels Fix
> You can use open-wheel cars now! Disappearing wheels issue is fixed.

+ Outrun Black Screen Fix
> It's experimental and doesn't fix any race behaviour. Use with 'ShowOutrun' option in [Menu] section.

+ Windowed Mode
> Run the game in a window instead of full screen. Bordered or borderless options are available.

+ Disable Sound/Music
> Mute any game sound, just with 2 ini options.

+ Freeze Camera
> You caught a nice angle and don't want to lose it? Press Scroll Lock and it will lock the camera for you!

+ Auto Drive
> Press F6 and your car will go on its own.

+ Show Event ID
> If you are having a hard time to find the event you are looking for, enable this option and the game will tell its ID on upper right corner!

+ Longer Profile Names
> Instead of the standard 7, you can now have up to 15 characters in your profile names.
> We also enabled the use of special characters in them!
! Don't use " DVD " or " Magazine " (with spaces) in your profile names. They are excluded from the profile list to prevent collision with DVD and Magazine covers.
! Don't use any character which isn't allowed in File/Folder names on Windows. Or else, you will be unable to save your profile.

+ Skip Movies
> You can now skip Movies if they are too long for you!

+ Multiple Instances
> You can now multiple instances of the game at the same time, without needing to copy the executable several times!
> This may be useful if you are trying to replicate cars in your other save games and stuff.

+ NOS Trail Repeat Count
> You don't want to see stretching taillight glows while hitting NOS? Now it's possible!

Also check out:
> Extra Options playlist on YouTube:


! Before installation, make sure that you're using v1.2 speed2.exe (4,57 MB (4.800.512 bytes)).
If not, just search "NFS Underground 2 v1.2 NO CD Crack HOODLUM" on Google, Bing or any search engine you like.

! If you need further help, just check this video and its description out:

Now you can install the Extra Options. Just follow these steps:

1) Select "dinput8.dll" file and "scripts" folder in the archive.
2) Copy them to your NFSU2 Installation Folder. (Use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V / Cmd+C, Cmd+V / Strg+C, Strg+V; Right-Click > Copy; via xcopy command on CMD; or how do you like it.)
3) (Optional) Edit the NFSU2ExtraOptionsSettings.ini file.
4) Run NFSU2.
5) And do whatever you want!

!IMPORTANT: If your game is installed in a restricted directory (For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2), you have 4 options to make ExOpts work properly:
1) Run your game as administrator.
2) Move your whole game installation to somewhere unrestricted. (Like, E:\Games\NFSU2)
3) Take ownership of your game directory. (Check out: )
4) Copy the configuration (*.ini) file into the Virtual Store. (%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2\scripts)

Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

v5.1.0.1340 (Build 5.1; Rev.00) :
* Reworked the headlights fix for the Freeze Camera option.

v5.1.0.1339 (Build 5.1; Rev.00) : [SOURCE CODE ONLY]
* Disabling Auto Drive now returns the control to the player without pausing and unpausing the game.
* Fixed an issue with headlights when the Freeze Camera option is used.

v5.1.0.1338 (Build 5.1; Rev.00) :
* Fixed an issue with the DisableTakeover option.

v5.1.0.1337 (Build 5.1; Rev.00) :
- Removed Show More Customization Options feature. (Transferred to Unlimiter.)
- Removed Hood Decals and Cabin Neon fixes. (Transferred to Unlimiter.)
+ Added a fix for Megalow Parts to make it show the correct platform (background).
* Changed Show More Race Options. Set it to 2 to have "good" old Hill Drifts with AI opponents.
* Changed the method for the additional copyright text.
* Changed default headlight hotkey to G.
* Tweaked windowed mode to center the game window to the screen.
* Improved the file existence check.
* Reorganized the code.

v5.0.0.1337 (Build 5; Rev.00) :
* Thread (hotkey detection and other stuff) is moved to the main loop of the game.
* Tweaked DVD and Magazine cover filters with spaces for longer profile names.
* Fixed pulsing of Cabin Neons.
+ Added Driver Camera for the Enable Hidden Camera Angles option.
+ Added an option to hide nifty drift messages.
+ Added Window Damage Fix.
* Fixed category switching via L1/R1 for paint modes.
* Cleaned out (null) and (badptr) strings to make Advan Rims menu prettier.

v4.0.0.1337 (Build 4; Rev.00) :
+ Added Freeze Camera hotkey.
+ Added Auto Drive.
* Moved UnfreezeKO into ShowMoreRaceOptions.
* Moved ShowMorePaintTypes into ShowMoreCustomizationOptions.
+ Added an option to show Debug Event ID on Quick Race Track Select screen.
+ Added an option to allow longer profile names.
* Fixed disambiguation between "Headlights" and "HeadLights".
* Restored Hood Decals and Cabin Neon options. (Enable ShowMoreCustomizationOptions)
+ Added an option to skip movies.
+ Added an option to let users execute multiple instances of the game at the same time.
+ Added an option to change NOS Trail Repeat Count.
* Unlock Regional Cars option now checks if the PEUGOT106 and CORSA exists.

v3.0.1.1337 (Build 3; Rev.01) :
+ Added Unlock All Things.
- Removed Unlock All Cars & Tracks.
* Improved Any Track in Any Race Mode.
+ Added Headlights option.
+ Added Show More Race Options. (Lets you enable AI opponents in Sprint Drifts).
+ Added Save/Load Hot Position.
+ Added Show Debug Car Customize.
+ Added Infinite Y Rotation for Showcase Camera.
+ Added Debug Camera.
+ Added Game Speed.
+ Added World Animation Speed.
+ Added Game Region.
+ Added Starting Cash.
+ Added Weather options to edit rain.
+ Added Disappearing Wheel and Outrun Black Screen fixes.
+ Added Game State and On Focus check for hotkeys.
+ Added misc options. (Windowed Mode, Sound and Music)
* Improved additinal copyright string method.
* Merged LAN options with other Lap and Opponent controllers.
* Resorted and renamed some ini options.

v2.0.1.1337 (Build 2; Rev.01) :
+ Added an option to show special vinyl category on Vinyls menu.
+ Added an option to use all paint categories for Base paint.
+ Added an option to change Splash Screen time limit.
+ Added hotkeys for "Unlock All Tracks" and "Show Any Track In Any Mode" hacks.
* Drift scores for Heights Drifts are now multiplied according to Maximum Multiplier setting.
+ Added an option to enable Track Select screen for Outrun game mode and another option to show it on Quick Race menu.
+ Added an option to use Drift camera everywhere.
+ Added "Carbon-Style Race Progress" option.
+ Added an option to enable Subtitles for English language.
+ Added an option to unfreeze lap and opponent counts when "Lap KO" enabled.
* Fixed invisible walls bug with "Remove Race Barriers" hack.
+ Added an option to change Neon brightness.
- Removed "not working" crash or infinite loading screen fix from "Show Any Track in Any Mode" hack. Be careful with these tracks.
* Changed method for "Unlock 106 and Corsa". You can now see them as opponents.
* Fixed "Insert Disc" bug for PCs without optical drives.

v1.0.1.1337 (Build 1) :
+ Initial release.

ExOpts Team:

Main Developer:
- nlgxzef

- 379Felipe
- Archie
- Dennis Stanistan
- heyitsleo
- MaxHwoy
- Miles Dipperion
- rx
- SpeedyHeart
- Xan

- 379Felipe
- Archie
- ctrl
- Dennis Stanistan
- elaymm4
- heyitsleo
- LegSolo
- MaxHwoy
- Miles Dipperion
- MrAdam
- Patas De Pavo
- RaTT
- rx
- SpeedyHeart
- ThunderTHR
- Ti-Sonic
- trackmaniamatt
- Vector
- Xan

Inactive: (Thanks for your work from earlier!)
- ArturoPlayerOne
- Bounzer
- KuruHS
- nfsu360
- Osuletz

Special thanks to:
- 7ndrew
- Aero_
- Berkay2578
- CrabJournal
- Dz3n
- Eclipse 72Rus (CorvetteZ06)
- GrimMaple
- MWisBest
- MWInside
- Neon
- NTGV 80.8
- osdever
- Reeezzz
- samfednik
- Snach
- ThirteenAG
- thelink2012
- Zhoul
- @everyone in ExOpts Discord server
...and others (if we've forgotten any) for other stuff.
Final Notes:

This mod is licensed under GNU/GPLv3. So, you can use the source code and improve it, but don't forget to credit "ExOpts Team" as the original creator.

If you find any issue, just post it here:

You can also send your improvements from GitHub as well:

Don’t try to steal our mod in any way.
If you will upload this archive somewhere else; you can add a read me and customize the .ini comments (Texts after “//”) for your language.
But please don’t delete any file from this download.

See ya!
©2022 ExOpts Team - No rights reserved. ;)


Flojio9411 (January 21, 2022 @ 15:44)
Doesnt work for me. And i got no help so far. So, unfortunatly i cant recommend to install this Mod.

Flojio9411 (January 16, 2022 @ 22:50)
To what value i have to change to unlock everthing?

Neo1100 (November 04, 2021 @ 14:55)
Can you add the Unique performances parts unlocked for every car in the game ? The unique aesthetic parts are already there wich is good but it would be better to add the Unique performances part as well. Btw great mod, you guys did a good job.

TestH2 (November 04, 2021 @ 11:49)
You Forgot To Add Some Vinyl From UG1 Like Stripe And Hood

Tunner (November 03, 2021 @ 21:11)
Maybe you can fix Unlimiter first before cutting content from here?

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