NFS Most Wanted - Extra Vinyls by Hash

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NFS Most Wanted - Extra Vinyls


NFS Most Wanted Extra Vinyls by Hash.

With this mod, you can add your vinyls mod without replace ANY vinyls from the game. (+25 Extra Vinyls at Unique)


You need to buy a new car if your car look like a shit after installing this mod.

Make sure you backup the GlobalB.bun and GlobalB.lzc files.

Requirements to Install:

Binary (version 2.2 and later) -

How to Install (Advanced):

1. Download and install the latest version of Binary.
2. Run Binary as administrator.
3. Select User Mode. (Click the icon on left.)
4. Select the "Install Extra Vinyls by Hash.end" file to add the Extra Vinyls for NFSMW.
5. Select your game installation directory.
6. Select whether you want to install or uninstall the mod.
7. Wait for it.
8. Confirm the save button.
9. Quit Binary.

How to Install v2 (Very Easy):

- Copy the "GlobalB.lzc" & "GlobalB.bun" file to your GLOBAL folder.

NOTE: I hope you guys READ CAREFULLY to understand How to Install this mod correctly.

MaxHwoy - Author of Binary


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Uploaded at: July 18, 2021 @ 02:35