PS2 NFS hack pack by Xanvier

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PS2 NFS hack pack

This pack contains an assortment of pnach files for various PS2 NFS games, namely the debug camera triggers and/or options as well as codes for the demo versions (disable demo barriers and timer in UG2 demo, main menu in demos, etc).

This was fully tested and confirmed working on real hardware as well.

NOTE: If you have a hard time exiting the debug camera mode, hold any other button while pressing Select (e.g. hold R2 while pressing Select).

This is due to the way my trigger is coded (listens for button every tick) and right now there is no easy way to fix it.

Hot Pursuit 2 (NTSC-U retail)
- enable debug cameras
- replace Display settings with Debug menu

Hot Pursuit 2 (demo)
- replace Display settings with Debug menu
- disable demo timeout

Underground (NTSC-U retail)
- enable debug options in the Options menu

Underground (demo)
- disable DemoDiscManager
- enable main menu
- enable some race modes & more

Underground 2 (NTSC-U retail)
- enable Debug Cameras

Underground 2 (demo)
- enable main menu
- disable demo timeout
- remove barriers & more

Most Wanted (NTSC-U retail)
- custom coded debug camera trigger

Most Wanted (demo)
- skip demo bootup stuff
- enable main menu
- enable CarGuysCamera
- custom debug camera trigger
- fix pause menu crash
- disable demo stuff mostly
- Debug Car Customize
- disable motion blur
- disable fog rendering (bugged on PCSX2 except on OpenGL)
- fix race start on Quick Race

Carbon (any retail)
- enable Debug Car Customize
- reveal VIRUS vinyl category
- custom coded debug camera trigger

Carbon (demo)
- skip demo bootup stuff
- replace "CONTROLS" with "QUIT TO FREE ROAM" in pause menu
- custom coded debug camera trigger & more

Undercover (NTSC-U retail)
- enable Debug Car Customize
- custom coded debug camera trigger

To edit, simply open the pnach file in a text editor!

UG2 PS2 demo:
- Added DrawSmear variable, set it to 0
- Added the fog variable, set it to 0
- Rerouted Pause options main menu to the regular options main menu setup

MW PS2 demo:
- Fixed Quick Race race starter
- Replaced OPM Race Sheet thing with the main menu so that it doesn't bring you back to it

- Added remove motion blur to MW PS2 demo (DrawSmear)
- if you want to keep motion blur for some reason, comment out that line in the pnach
- Added removal of fog effect
- if you want to reenable, comment out line in pnach
- Added replace Credits with Video options

- MW PS2 demo:
- disabled demo barriers
- disabled demo timeout
- replaced loading screens
- replaced Profile Manager with Debug Car Customize

- Added NFS Carbon Japan version
- Removed Joker command in favor of more robust code


MindaugasGT (January 16, 2018 @ 16:55)
Could you also make jump to garage button in pause menu in nfsu2 demo?

MindaugasGT (January 09, 2018 @ 19:07)
Thanks, now I can play withou lag.

Xanvier (January 08, 2018 @ 08:28)
@MindaugasGT One more detail; you need a Master Code as well. You can use the Master Code finder tool (found here: )

Xanvier (January 08, 2018 @ 08:25)
@MindaugasGT Sorry for not replying earlier, I am currently sick :(

You can make a .cht text file with the executable's filename in the front (so for example SLUS_123.45.cht) and copy that into a CHT folder which is next to the VMC folder.

In this file, simply copy all addresses and values:


in your cht file would be

Cheat Name

As I noted in the pnach, you must change the top byte on the address to a 20, due to how ps2rd works. (00538472 -> 20538472)

MindaugasGT (January 07, 2018 @ 17:00)
how to use thede pnachs in ps2 opl?


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