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1. Extra options or custom GLOBAL to access heat levels 5-10 needed.

2. Mod loader needed. Place "BALANCEDCARNAGE" and "BOUNTY" files inside ADDONS - CAR_REPLACE.

extreme old description but ok:

Level 1 goes with black undercover corvettes but no suv support. Chopper and roadblocks included, no spikestrips. - CARNAGE
Level 2 is with white federal corvettes; support same with level 1 but also includes suv support. - CARNAGE
Level 3 goes with undercover civic cruiser. Pretty similary with original level 2 but with suv support. - BALANCED
Level 4 contains state GTO with suv light support sometimes. - BALANCED
Level 5 have an advantage with Undercover GTO spike strips with chopper and suvs support. - BALANCED
Level 6 civic cruiseres will always have hard damageable roadblocks. - BALANCED
Level 7 have only master guys with one car after in cross replica cars with chopper support. - BALANCED
Level 8 returns with white federal corvettes but more focused this time. - CARNAGE
Level 9 comes again with black undercover corvettes BUT with SUVS SUPPORT and NO cooldowns. - CARNAGE
Level 10 got only and only the suvs with roadblocks & spikestrips damageable one by one with all support! - CARNAGE

Some levels contains cross car as support.
All levels backup is as high as possible.

BodyKiT - the guy who create pursuits tools!
MiHaN - "Level 5 up to 10" creator.



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Uploaded at: July 06, 2017 @ 10:05