Xbox 360 Converted Movies by elaymm4

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Xbox 360 Converted Movies

NFSMW (2005) - Xbox 360 converted movies
by elaymm4

This mod will port 720p and 576p Xbox 360 cutscene movies to PC version of the game.
Supports NTSC only.

Download link (Google Drive)

  • MJ_Realm (EA VP6 Encoder)
  • Ramex Pierce (X360 movies rip)
  • Demon (X360 german debug build)


916skyl1ne (August 08, 2021 @ 08:49)
Good job, elaymm!

elaymm4 (August 07, 2021 @ 19:55)
That's true.
This one however doesn't affect color correction, and framepacing / smoothness of frames is better. Still up to anyone to decide which one they wanna use.

Draxin (August 07, 2021 @ 19:39)
Didn't Zyphir and Aven release something like this a couple months ago?