Most Wanted Modernization Patch by iammostwanted

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Most Wanted Modernization Patch

NOTE: Due to the wide scope of this mod, it is recommended to install this on a vanilla copy of the game before you add other mods.
The Most Wanted Modernization Patch is a collection of tweaks and fixes aimed at fixing various issues in the vanilla game and generally updating the game's systems with more modern sensibilities.
This mod is designed to be highly customizable. Every individual tweak can be disabled, so you can fine-tune every aspect of the mod.
For simplicity's sake, the mod is split into three general groups with various tweaks and fixes in each group.

The Career Tweaks section updates the career's progression system to have less forced grinding and more reasonable unlock requirements for Blacklist races,
inspired by Raycevick's "Need for Speed Most Wanted: 13 Years Later" video.
These tweaks include:
- Reduce or Remove race wins requirements
- Reduce or Remove Milestone completion requirements
- Double or Remove Bounty requirements
- Double or use Distance-Based Cash Rewards

The Pursuit Tweaks section refines the pursuit system, making low-heat pursuits more difficult to accidentally escape from as well as increasing general pursuit difficulty.
These tweaks include:
- Increase or Double the maximum number of cops per heat level
- Increase probability of Roadblock and/or Rhino spawns.
- Drastically reduced Backup timer
- Reduced cop spawn delay
- Extended cooldown timer
- Evading pursuits increases Heat instead of lowering it
- Less heat reduction when changing a car's visuals

The Vehicle Tweaks section contains miscellaneous fixes relating to player/ai vehicles.
These tweaks include:
- Drastically reducing, if not outright eliminating low-speed Wheelspin (does not apply to the start of races)
- Disabling YAW_CONTROL
- Giving AI Racers proper collision data
- Improved starter car performance (IS300, Cobalt, Punto, and Golf have stronger engines)
- Useful CLK500 (Slightly increased mass and much stronger low-end torque)
- Detwinned GTO/Monaro (Makes the Pontiac GTO and Vauxhall Monaro more unique from each other.)
- 15% Grip Boost

- Fixes a bug that caused Cash Rewards and the Razor Difficulty tweak to do nothing.

- Initial Release


LightRock97 (January 16, 2023 @ 01:25)
@Sursion That's a little harsh, but you're right. Do what he says and you'll see the wonders this mod accomplishes. Pursuits are definitely harder. I played a few roadblock challenges in several heat levels and I think I'll play through some of the story with this to see if I find any oddities. But as of right now it's a recommend. Just backup the files that VltEd touches and you'll have yourself a make shift uninstall. Do increase the probability of roadblock, otherwise they'll take too darn long to spawn.

Sursion (October 31, 2022 @ 11:08)
Note: For anyone having trouble installing this mod:

Go into career tweaks > select the file "Razor_has_Maximum_Skill_level.nfsms" > Remove it from Career Tweaks folder and move it to the Vehicle Tweaks folder > You should now be able to load the Installer correctly.

Mod author put the file in the wrong folder. Amateur hour around here.

Sursion (October 31, 2022 @ 11:04)
Mod does not work at all. When you try to import into VLtED it says file is corrupted. Could not find file Razor_Maximum_Skill_Level.nfsms

Fix your broken ass mod dude. Waste of time.

hotknife0bruh (July 12, 2022 @ 00:17)
what exactly does the yaw control do?

idece (August 08, 2021 @ 09:30)
could not find file (razor has maximum skill levels.nfsms)