NFS Heat Rebalance and Gameplay Improvements by KittySkin

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NFS Heat Rebalance and Gameplay Improvements

For ease of use, the mod its split into different files, just in case someone don't want the changes that comes from a particular part of the mod.

For this mod to work you need Frosty Mod Manager Alpha version, download it from here: Downloads - The Frosty Tool Suite

Brakes Changes:

All brakes have now stronger brake force and torque reduction.

Handling Changes:

Helps to simplify drifting while using drifting parts.

Drifting while using drifting parts now feels more natural and 360s are now possible. Big thx to Oka/Hayeduce for all his testing and knowledge on the matter and to Mercy Alex for his help nailing down issues with vanilla physics.

Offroad parts now have a lesser impact on the general car ability to steer so they can be better used for offroading races that also have onroad parts while also having a reduced performance penalty. Thx to Alixe-V/Tesseract for his help testing this changes.

Improved stability while using the increased health item.

Drag tires now have a bit of better steering, but even worst lateral grip.

Regular Elite tires now have the same traction that other Elite tires.

Improved CPU and GPU Performance:

Set culling and LOD settings to properly cut object details outside of visual range and cull them away from GPU rendering path when they are outside of the viewing angle.

Items and NOS Changes:

Disables UNITE NOS changes to make them work as expected in multiplayer games.

Turn usable items into cooldown based items.

Cars Performance Changes:

All cars have new engine options available.

Muscle like cars and trucks have Nissan 1430HP and Jaguar 1532HP engine swaps available.

All Supercars have Ferrari 1446HP and Nissan 1430HP engine swaps available.

All other cars have Nissan 1430HP engine swaps available.

All cars for sale in the store are sorted by manufacturer and model.

All cars now have their performance streamlined in order to be competitive with each other (including trucks).

All turbos has been rebalanced to be more competent with each other. Turbo Charger now have higher PSI while Dual Turbo Charger have better lag time. Centrifugal acts now as a middle ground between Single and Dual turbos. Screw Supercharger now have a bit stronger low end boost than Roots and Roots have a stronger high end boost that Screw.

Added a new Twincharger that have half the lag time of a regular Dual Turbos, but also lower PSI similar to Superchargers while having a bit more of high end power.

Traffic Disabler:

Removes traffic cars from the game. Works only in offline mode.

Visual Damage Remover:

As the name says, it simply remove visual damage from the car, for those who like the car to look like new no matter what.

Redline Buffs:

Redline stuff. Absurdly high speed cars, absurdly high power NOS upgrades, high NOS refill ratio, almost infinite NOS because active items have only 10 seconds cooldown and more stuff! Have fun breaking the law, or your neck, what happens first.

All items that where buffed are Ultimate tier, so they are easy to recognize.

Visual Clarity:

Removes Film Grain and Sharpening from the game without touching vanilla graphics style.

Extended Live Tuning:

Extends Live Tuning settings in order to implement Differential bias, Brake Bias and Improved Traction Control sliders.

The mod its designed to be used with UNITE 3.0 without the handling overhaul. Load all the files at the bottom for it to work.

Special thanks to Alixe-V, Mercy Alex, Oka/Hayeduce and everyone helping test and nailing down issues.

Special thanks to Sandro Romero for his Iconography. Contact him at [email protected]

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Version 1.4

Added all the Redline stuff and moved some of the performance and item changes to the redline mod in order to keep balance intact on "non redline" iterations.
Remade from scratches ALL the performance adjustments and improved the general feeling of the cars, now they feel like cars instead of cart cars while being as competitive as they used to be on previous version.
Added CPU and GPU performance improvements as a separate mod part to aid those who have performance issues.
Added Visual Clarity mod for those who have image issues with the film grain and sharpening mod shared on reddit.
Added Extended Livetuning, it now allows for a higher degree of control over the car behaviour.
Adjusted Brake Changes in order for them to be less aggressive and allow better control over the braking force.
Removed Weight Reduction Kit from the mod since it was having serious issues on multiplayer, instead its integrated as part of redline mod into all cars.

Version 1.3

Fixed some out of place gear performance for some cars.
Fixed an UI sorting issue related to ultimate passive items.
Added new Twincharger forced induction. It acts as a combination of both a supercharger and a turbo, similar to polestar's Turbo & Supercharger.
Added Traction Control Unit passive item. It helps cars that do not benefit from Weight Reduction Kit, specially those that also can't use 6 SPEED AWD.
Regera's unique turbo has been renamed for ease of view.

All turbos has been rebalanced as follows:
Turbo Charger now have higher PSI.
Dual Turbo Charger remains as is.
Screw Supercharger have it's boost increased.
Roots Supercharger have a its high end boost increased.
Centrifugal Supercharger was redesigned to work as a middle ground between single and dual turbo chargers.

Version 1.2

Improved performance on remaining muscle cars and trucks.
Added the Weight Reduction Kit.
Balanced Regera to better behave along with the rest of the cars in game.
Added icons and new components to remove visual damage and cars from traffic in offline mode.
Improved drifting physics to allow smooth transition and fixed acceleration on drift builds.
Improved offroad performance and handling, now offroads are fun and savage!
Reverted muscle cars penalties on higher gears.
Improved AWD performance on high gears.

Version 1.1

All muscle cars and trucks has been improved to better fit its niche usage. Muscles now have better launch speed and are able to reach their 5th gear with ease, but suffer from penalty acceleration past it.

Version 1.0

Initial Release


airriderz15 (August 20, 2022 @ 23:44)
HANDS DOWN the best NFS heat handling mod!!! Thanks for all your efforts!

KittySkin (August 28, 2021 @ 22:29)
Hey arsenalbr, the main issue with top speed limit is that I dont know how to push it beyond 245mph, unite managed to unlock it, so for the time being using unite combined with my mods its the only way to achieve the absolute top speed of the cars, im trying to found a way to improve it to add native support for infinite top speed in a future update

arsenalbr (August 28, 2021 @ 20:41)
Hey kitty, the mod is pretty good i really enjoyed but it is possible to remove the cap on the top speed of the cars, the redlinebuff let the car go at crazy speeds but without it the cars give the feel that can go beyond the top speed that they reach just like in the original heat.

KittySkin (August 27, 2021 @ 13:53)
Hey, here on nfsmods? I dont see any new message

Modzilla (August 26, 2021 @ 10:30)
I Pmd you :)


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