New nitrous Efect by JhoSan2009

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New nitrous Efect

After 5 hours of playing with the scripts and codes I managed to create something great this mod replaces the original nitrous effect with a more realistic effect

1) The nitrous effect will change position when you hurry faster
When you get to the 5th transmission and you are in the bumper chamber you can see that the nitrous will appear on the screen on the right side at the bottom (This error is very noticeable when you drive
the SLR Mclaren or the BMW M3 GTR)
2) Nitrous can come from somewhere other than the exhaust pipes (This error is more noticeable when driving the GOLF GTI)
If someone can help me solve these errors I really appreciate it :)

Requires ...
NFS VltEd 4.6 or Earlier

1) Extract the file and it will leave you an nfsms file
2) Open nfs VltEd as administrator and Open your nfsmw folder
3) Then press File> Import> Modscript or Ctrl + I and select the nfsms file
4) A window appears press install
5) Then Press File> Save or Ctrl + S
and close VltEd
6) Enjoy :)

I hope you enjoy this mod and if you find more errors leave a comment saying the error you have


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Uploaded at: August 10, 2021 @ 20:26