McLaren F1 sound by Raimo

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McLaren F1 sound

This mod adds the famous and exclusive McLaren F1 sound (converted from NFS World)
Also added a variant F1 GTR
in this i just added the straight cut gears (added sound on McLaren F1 GT).


1- First download the cars that I will leave below (it is optional if you are a modder)

2- To install the .nfsms you have to download NFS VltEd (link below)

3- Now with NFS Vtl-Ed downloaded you have to go to File-> Open, after opening, click on File-> Import-> Modscript, and choose the modscript in the mod directory.

4- Press File -> Save to save, or CTRL + S

5- Close NFS-VltEd, go to the mod folder, copy the folder named "SOUND" into the game folder

6- Open the game



ADD-ONS cars

Remember to make a Backup in case you do not like the mod and not lose the other mods that you have installed by restoring the 100% original game files

enjoy, share and post your comment, suggestion and / or bug report

thanks for:

! *A* EnmaM3GTR#0046 on discord, for giving me the converted McLaren F1 .gin from NFS World (this mod is made possible by this man)

Fliii, for the stock McLaren F1 Addon

89Overdrive, for the McLaren F1 GT Addon

Electronic Arts, for recording the original McLaren F1 for NFS World

and you, for download my mod <3


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Uploaded at: August 10, 2021 @ 23:31