Balanced Opponents and No Catch Up by GamesKauaBr

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Balanced Opponents and No Catch Up


Made By: GamesKaua Br

Important: Back up the GLOBAL folder before installing the mod

This mod brings a balance in the AI opponents, with a more difficult handling for them and an adjusted physics
with more chances of mistakes and even being arrested more often by the police and still
contains a novelty that many do not deserve to suffer in career mode.

It's really worth playing career mode using this mod!

- Balanced Physics
- After you hit an opponent he will feel the impact depending on his speed
- Opponents make mistakes more often
- Opponents no longer have the most hated Catch Up (RubberBanding) in career mode
- Opponents brakes are not as efficient now
- Sometimes they hit the police and make mistakes such as hitting traffic cars more often

Change Log v1.1:
- Opponent's Golf GTI has been changed and balanced

- Opponents now feel more the impact after you hit them
and may overturn depending on your speed

- Changes in the handling of opponents' Cobalt SS, Porsche Cayman S, Lancer Evo VIII to make them more difficult

- Opponents' cars have a suspension equal to NFS Pro Street

- Player suspension has been improved

- Opponents can be destroyed

Change Log v1.2:
- AI cars like IS300, Audi A3, Lancer EVO, Punto and others
contain their own suspension for them but worse like the IS300 of the player

- Opponents can't reset when they're overturned or upside down now

- The blacklist bosses are now balanced and less appeals, they make mistakes too

- AI police cars now feel the impact of the crash

- AI police cars now they have a more balanced grip, they slide more

- Police cars have a pro street nfs style suspension, just like the opponents

Change Log v1.3:
- Some grip changes on AI cars for fairer

- Some changes were made when you collide with police cars, they feel the impact more

- Fixed an issue where totaled mode is activated in the player's car.

if you have version 1.0 installed or version 1.1 installed, and you install v1.2 or 1.3
and the NFS VltEd says that some files failed, don't worry, it won't affect anything

How To Install:
to install the mod you need NFS VLted from nfsu360, if you don't have it here is the download link

- Press the File button, go to Open and select the Need For Speed Most Wanted

- After selecting the game, go to the File button again and then to the Import -> ModScript button

- Select Balanced_Ai Racers V1.3 Install.nfsms and then press Install

and after installing, just save by pressing the File button and then the Save button


NFS-VltEd by nfsu360


[DELETED ACCOUNT] (August 30, 2021 @ 13:40)
Can I ask you a question? Why can I get totaled? It doesn't say anything about my car getting totaled

GamesKauaBr (August 21, 2021 @ 23:21)
yes, EA Black Box doesn't do a decent AI without having catch up (rubberbanding) present because it doesn't want to, or because EA rushed the studio to launch it on the chosen date and so there wasn't enough time to do it.

[DELETED ACCOUNT] (August 21, 2021 @ 14:02)
Now I can finally get rid of the shitty annoying rubberband

NFSkuba04 (August 16, 2021 @ 11:27)
I had to make a standalone modscript just to reduce the annoying rebound from traffic/cops

Uploaded at: August 12, 2021 @ 01:09


d6d612-Balanced Opponents V1.3.rar (Size: 10.51KB) Latest Version
a0b7e3-Balanced Opponents V1.2.rar (Size: 10.01KB) Old Version
ff5b42-Balanced Opponents V1.1.rar (Size: 6.48KB) Old Version