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NFSUC Extra Options


NFS Undercover - Extra Options
v1.1.0.1337 (Build 1.1; Rev.00)

Source Code:

(Some options are disabled by default. Don't forget to check the 'NFSUCExtraOptionsSettings.ini' file out.)

+ Opponent Controllers
> You can change the hardcoded opponent counts for the races in the Career mode.

+ Advanced Traffic Density Controllers
> You can now change traffic density values for Low, Medium and High settings in the Quick Race mode.

+ Unlock All Things
> This will unlock everything in game. Like a season pass, but it's for FREE!
> You can enable or disable it anytime, just press "F5"!

+ Toggle Headlights and Cop Lights
> Press H to toggle headlights.
> Press O to toggle cop lights. Use a cop car for best results.

+ Save/Load Hot Position
> You can save your place in the world and teleport it when you want.
> Press 'LShift + 1-5' to save, 'LCtrl + 1-5' to load.
> Hot positions are stored in "NFSUC\TRACKS\HotPositionL*.hot" file. You can open it with any text editor.

+ Debug Camera
> Press Backspace to toggle either Debug World Camera or Debug Orbit Camera.
- NUMPAD 8, 2, 4, 6 -> Move
- NUMPAD 3, 9, 0, DEL(.) -> Rotate
- NUMPAD 1, 7 -> Raise / Lower camera
- NUMPAD - -> Turbo
- NUMPAD + -> Super Turbo
- \ -> Drop Car

- NUMPAD 8, 2 -> Zoom In/Out
- NUMPAD 9, 3 -> Rotate Up/Down
- NUMPAD 0, DEL(.) -> Rotate Left / Right

> Press PageDown to toggle Debug Watch Car Camera.
- NUMPAD + -> switch to next car.
- NUMPAD - -> switch to previous car.

+ Game Speed
> Set game speed!
! It doesn't affect menus.
! Too low and high values will corrupt car physics and control responsiveness.

+ Ultimate Force Heat Level Hack
> Press F7 to enable heat level override, which will change minimum* and maximum* heat level limits and let you get up to x5!
! This option can be force-enabled from .ini file.
> Press PageUp to change your heat level if you want.
> Press Scroll Lock to enable/disable cops on the fly.
* See the config file.

+ Disable Sound/Music
> Mute any game sound, just with 2 ini options.

+ Auto Drive
> Press F6 and your car will go on its own.

+ Freeze Camera
> You caught a nice angle and don't want to lose it? Press Pasue/Break and it will lock the camera for you!

+ Change Player Name
> Lets you change the player name shown in leaderboard.
! If this option is disabled, the game will use your profile name instead of the fixed "PLAYER" string.

+ Skip PSA
> You can now skip the Public Service Announcement (Action Driving Experience text) screen.

+ Disable Bootup Online Login
> You can now force-disable automatic Online login when a profile is loaded.

+ Skip Career Intro (ONLY FOR EXPERTS)
> You can skip prologue races and end up midair! Useful to test something real quick.
! IMPORTANT! If you disable this option and load a save with this option enabled, it will start you from prologue.

+ (New!) Change Tire Steering Angle in Menus
> You can now change it from the .ini! Get it straight, or turn it around; it's all up to you!

+ (New!) Starting Cash
> Start with a specified amount of cash. Get rich easily from the start!
! Don't worry, you can still earn 30,000 from prologue races and any amount you want from having NFSU2 installed.

+ (New!) No Rev Limiter
> Achieve better top speeds! Squeeze the most juice from your powerful engine!

+ (New!) Disable "Double-tap Brake to Shift into Reverse" Shortcut
> Taken care of an annoying game feature which slows you down more than expected!

+ (New!) Force Straight Pursuit
> No support units or roadblocks, just patrol!

+ (New!) Show Non-Pursuit Cops in Minimap
> Another Carbon-Style hack, right? Actually, this one comes from X360 debug build.
> Change your path to avoid cops!
! You also have an option to hide Pursuit Cops.
! You can also change the Radar Range.

+ (New!) Remove Busted Screen Pixelation
> If you want to see the Player in Busted screen uncensored, this option will help you.

+ (New!) Infraction Speed Limits
> You can now set the limits for Speeding, Excessive Speeding and Reckless Driving infractions.

+ (New!) Force Global Car and Wheel Level of Detail (ONLY FOR EXPERTS)
> You can now force a specific level of detail for the cars and their wheels.

Also check out:
> Extra Options playlist on YouTube:


! Before installation, make sure you're using v1.0.0.1 STEAM NFS.exe (Official: 10,4 MB (10.933.520 bytes), Cracked: 10,0 MB (10.584.064 bytes)).
If not, just search "Need for Speed: Undercover v20161228 [MULTI13] Fixed Files" on Google, Bing or any search engine you like.

! If you need further help, just check this video and its description out:

Now you can install the Extra Options. Just follow these steps:

1) Install "NFSUC Generic Fix" by ThirteenAG:
Generic Fix:

2) Select "dinput8.dll" file and "scripts" folder in the archive.
3) Copy them to your NFSUC Installation Folder. (Use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V / Cmd+C, Cmd+V / Strg+C, Strg+V; Right-Click > Copy; via xcopy command on CMD; or how do you like it.)
4) (Optional) Edit the NFSUCExtraOptionsSettings.ini file.
5) Run NFSUC.
6) And do whatever you want!

!IMPORTANT: If your game is installed in a restricted directory (For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Need for Speed Undercover), you have 4 options to make ExOpts work properly:
1) Run your game as administrator.
2) Move your whole game installation to somewhere unrestricted. (Like, E:\Games\NFSUC)
3) Take ownership of your game directory. (Check out: )
4) Copy the configuration (*.ini) file into the Virtual Store. (%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Need for Speed Undercover\scripts(\UnlimiterData))

Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

v1.1.0.1337 (Build 1.1; Rev.00) :
+ Added an option to disable double-tap-brake-to-reverse shortcut.
+ Added a new option to set Menu Tire Steer Angle.
+ Added options to force specific Car and Wheel LODs.
* Improved player vehicle detection for light hotkeys so they keep working when the player car is changed.
+ Added an option to modify starting cash.
+ Added options related with pursuit stuff.
+ Added an option to disable rev limiter.
+ Added an ini entry for SkipCareerIntro option. (The feature was implemented before)
* Fixed takeover (ExOptsTeam additional copyright text) getting added multiple times.
* Improved heat level overrides.
* Fixed ESRB notice overlapping the additional copyright text when takeover is enabled.

v1.0.0.1337 (Build 1; Rev.00) :
+ Initial release.

ExOpts Team:

Main Developer:
- nlgxzef

- 379Felipe
- Archie
- Dennis Stanistan
- heyitsleo
- MaxHwoy
- rx
- SpeedyHeart
- Xan

- 379Felipe
- Archie
- ctrl
- Dennis Stanistan
- elaymm4
- heyitsleo
- LegSolo
- MaxHwoy
- MrAdam
- Patas De Pavo
- RaTT
- rx
- SpeedyHeart
- ThunderTHR
- Ti-Sonic
- trackmaniamatt
- Vector
- Xan

Inactive: (Thanks for your work from earlier!)
- ArturoPlayerOne
- Bounzer
- KuruHS
- nfsu360

Thanks to:
- 7ndrew
- Aero_
- Berkay2578
- CrabJournal
- Dz3n
- Eclipse 72Rus (CorvetteZ06)
- GrimMaple
- Miles Dipperion
- MWisBest
- MWInside
- NTGV 80.8
- NyxVeliona
- osdever
- Osuletz
- P A I N
- Reeezzz
- samfednik
- Snach
- ThirteenAG
- thelink2012
- Zhoul
- @everyone in ExOpts Discord server
...and others (if we've forgotten any) for other stuff.
Final Notes:

This mod is licensed under GNU/GPLv3. So, you can use the source code and improve it, but don't forget to credit "ExOpts Team" as the original creator.

If you find any issue, just post it here:

You can also send your improvements from GitHub as well:

Don’t try to steal our mod in any way.
If you will upload this archive somewhere else; you can add a read me and customize the .ini comments (Texts after “//”) for your language.
But please don’t delete any file from this download.

See ya!
©2022 ExOpts Team - No rights reserved. ;)


Erce (September 11, 2023 @ 19:25)
NFS Undercoverda prolog yarışları yoktu.
Açıklamayı lütfen düzeltiniz.

Guspr181 (September 03, 2023 @ 22:05)
I have the original v1.0.0.1 STEAM NFS.exe (Official: 10,4 MB (10.933.520 bytes) but the game pop ups a message that says "extra options could not load, use the 10,0 MB (10.584.064 bytes)" or something like that, anyways i used the other exe and it worked but i think that the original exe do not work.

Erce (August 07, 2023 @ 15:00)
Sizin sayenizde full Collector's Edition aldım abi.
İyiki bu çıkmış.

EdgeGMR (January 09, 2023 @ 14:34)
@Nfs12345 whoa man you should comment those in their discord sever so they can see that

Anyway, my steam exe is the official one but extra options not work

Nfs12345 (December 29, 2022 @ 12:16)
For NFS Porsche Unleashed Extra Options, Please Make Harder Performance & Matched AI
Five difficulties: Standard, Definitive, Hard, Master & Mixed For NFSPU The AI.
I Definitely Need This Improvement AI When You Guys Making an Extra Options For NFS Porsche Unleashed. (First Of All)

Uploaded at: August 15, 2021 @ 15:54