W2C (World To Carbon) by MaxHwoy

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W2C (World To Carbon)


by MaxHwoy


W2C (World to Carbon) is a Need for Speed: World (2015) to Need for Speed: Carbon map port.
This port has been made using Very Secret Tool®️ (VST®️).

The port contains 3 different stream file versions, one with normal quality World textures,
one with highest quality World textures, and one with highest quality X360 Carbon and Most
Wanted textures:

1. STREAML5RA_NORMAL -> file with normal quality World 2015 textures.
2. STREAML5RA_WORLD -> file with highest quality World 2015 textures.
3. STREAML5RA_X360 -> file with highest quality X360 Carbon and Most Wanted textures.

You are free to pick any quality you'd like, although it should be noted that 2nd and 3rd
stream files intensely use RAM, sometimes exceeding game's standard 2 GB limit, which in
turn requires you to patch your executable to 4 GB (look at installation for more info).


The port has quite a few extensions on top of regular map conversion, such as:
- New World Map that includes both Palmont and Rockport cities.
- New smackable and simsurface types, ported directly from World (2015).
- New effects, emitter groups, and emitter datas, all ported from World (2015).
- New emitter system page and emitter system normal map page, containing the effects.
- Traffic and encounter patterns all ported from Most Wanted (2005) and World (2015).
- New encounter targets (rival finishlines) were added to Rockport area.
- Hiding spots were all ported from Most Wanted (2005) and World (2015).


Follow the README.TXT for installation guide and required apps/tools.


You are not allowed to distribute this pack. If you wish to make mods that require use of
W2C, then you have to include its download link in the description of your mod. You are
not allowed to share or upload any assets related to this pack, including the textures it
contains, as well VLT and END files. For all further questions join the W2C discord server.

You are, however, allowed to use individual texture assets used in W2C that were uploaded
on a separate mod page under name "MWCX360", however, prior owner notification is required.


If you wish to stay tuned for updates, or if you have any questions about the map port, or
if you just want to talk about racing around Palmont and Rockport cities, you are welcome
to join the official W2C discord server.


- Fixed lighting issues by significantly increasing vertex color power.
- All duplicate solids and textures have been removing, significantly reducing all
stream file sizes.
- Texture and solid assets are now being unloaded instantly, avoiding out of memory
crashes related to slow unloading (credit: rx).
- Enabled Christmas scenery and Snowy Golf Club to match upcoming Winter season.

- Initial release.


Port by:
- MaxHwoy

Special Thanks To:
- rx (most of w2c.asi, traffic and encounter VLT patterns, testing)
- RaTT (track map resources and calibrations, races fixes, testing)
- 379Felipe (smackable and emitter asset, world resources, testing)

As Well As:
- r033
- mzry
- Crossy
- avail
- konigsegg
- David
- heyitsleo

© 2022 MaxHwoy, all rights reserved.


Wervald (May 15, 2022 @ 21:17)
The mod worked pretty well and the instructions were easy to follow... easily one of the best mods (if not the best).
beautiful work thank you so much for sharing it <3

lxst (May 06, 2022 @ 11:37)

34DEN777 (April 13, 2022 @ 14:02)
MaxHwoy, is it possible to make a minimap for the hemisphere of the Rockport map? If so, could you please clarify how?

KnockRacer (February 12, 2022 @ 14:48)
Are there other way to install W2C Without Binary?

MishaVoynenko2819 (January 25, 2022 @ 21:11)
Hey, are you can add canyons, San Juan and Drift course?

Uploaded at: August 17, 2021 @ 19:27