NFS Undercover Mustang Shelby Terlingua Fix by DJ92GTRExtreme

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NFS Undercover Mustang Shelby Terlingua Fix


What's Up Racers This is different fix,everybody knows specs about 2007-2009 Shelby Mustang Terlingua 4.0 V6 with Paxton Centrifugal Supercharger w/Intercooler,but in NFS Undercover EA forgot somethings like engine car sound,specs,engine texture and 3D (real car does not have 4.6 V8 Ford Modular,and 370z model has 350z engine,maybe EA Try to add 06 350z or 08 350z Nismo lol) and Terlingua Badge,but now is possible to feel little bit close real life sound,about specs some parts is close to V6 Mustang and others is not available on Official Shelby website and other websites liked gear ratios and only differential/final gear is 3.73(this is a popular differential in some old/new american muscle and pony cars transmission mods)

-Open VLT 4.6,select NFS Undercover folder,Ctrl + I -> select the archive (NFS Undercover Mustang Shelby Terlingua Fix.nfsms),save and enjoy :)
-Please Backup you archives first;
-Do you have any problems or bugs tell me in the comments

VLT 4.6 by NFS 360

-You can modify it for your only own use
-Do not distribute or modify without my authorization


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Uploaded at: August 20, 2021 @ 22:56