TAXI Overhaul by ShifterKoS, AJ_Lethal

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

TAXI Overhaul

This Mod aims to improve and replace the old TAXI traffic car in Need For Speed Underground 2 and make it driveable, upgradeable and customizable.

To install:
1. Extract all files
2. Run Binary as User Mode and select Main laucher.end
3. Select your game directory
4. Save the files
5. Create a new save-game
6. Enjoy :) <3

TAXI can be customized with:
1. Exhausts
2. Spoilers (Both Normal and CF)
3. Roof Scoops (Both Normal and CF)
4. Side Mirrors (Both Normal and CF)
5. Underglow neon
6. Cabin neon
7. Rims
8. Custom HUD
9. Lights
10. Hydraulics
11. Spinners
12. Nitrous Purge
13. All performance parts
14. Dyno Tuneable too

1. Cannot be customized with other parts not mentioned :(
2. No Value of 0-60s and 0-100s in Dyno tune shows NA (doesn't come)
3. Car name in the event result list after a race shows Escalade
4. Due to lack of PARTS_ANIMATIONS.bin file, even if engine neons are applied or engine accents are painted, the hood doesn't open or close, as a result, the engine neons or painted engine accents cannot be seen.

Credits goes to:
1. Me (obvious)
2. AJ_Lethal who taught me and helped me with 3D Modelling and stuff, testing
3. BadHairDay as the base model was taken from the traffic cars modpack by BadHairDay (here is the link:
4. Shiinyu because it was for him I started the mod
5. MaxHwoy for Binary
6. nlgzrgn for NFSU2 Extra Options
7. Electronic Arts (EA Games) for the legendary game

Tools Used:
1. Binary
2. ZModeller3D
3. DDS Converters

NOTE: Users of the previous version of the mod, please delete the old custom taxi (in career or main menu where you tested it and tried it) and make a new custom taxi.



v1.O- Initial Release
v2.O- Added Spoilers, Roof Scoops, Side Mirrors, Cabin Neon, Fixed NoS Purge position and Exhaust Flames
v2.1- New Texture and a slight model improvement
v3.O- Added Underglow Neon, Fixed Engine Bug


ShifterKoS (August 31, 2021 @ 09:31)
If you face any trouble installing it, please say me :)

Uploaded at: August 31, 2021 @ 09:25


b921d1-Taxi v2.5.rar (Size: 515.36KB) Latest Version
89f1fa-Taxi v2.1.rar (Size: 281.82KB) Old Version
9e06a2-Taxi v2.1.rar (Size: 281.86KB) Old Version