NFSu2: Fanasy HW Bassline addon by Lee Phelipe

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

NFSu2: Fanasy HW Bassline addon

whatsup' my fellow racer, how ya doing? oh i see you're looking for som ride for ya, look no more!

original model by Naka , converted and modified by me

- available customization -

- Body kits + Wide kits
- Hoods
- Spoilers
- Roof-scoops
- Mirrors
- Headlights
- Brakelights
- Trunk audio
- Roofs
- Exhaust
- Car specialitys
- Neons (+ cabin neons)
- Painting
- Some what working decals

- i'll remake the whole mod from scratch later on, fully implementing the extra customizations -

- no moving features available yet
- if you spoted any more bugs, please report them

Thanks to:
Everyone who been supporting me
Naka for letting me use his bassline model
Kagezuri for taking some of the screenshots
"NFSu2 Animation control" script by: Archie -


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Uploaded at: September 16, 2021 @ 22:39