Buffed Pursuit by magician57v

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Buffed Pursuit


Buffed Cops (Heat Inspired) - Upgrade cop performance to be competitive with upgraded cars of full range.
Versions > Default Cop Physics - Collision with cop acts as in original game. Cop can pit/sideswipe/corner you very easily.
> Heat Cop Physics

Roadblock Probability Increase Mod - Increases probability of Roadblock Spawn. Results in more & versatile roadblocks.

Upgraded fines & heat - Increases fines & stuff.

More Cop Spawns - Activates all cop spawn locations to be used from earlier heats
> Heat 0 Version - Activates all spawn location from heat 0
> Regular Version - Activates all spawn location within heat 3
SlowCop Tag replace - Replaces slow cop item tag with fast cop. Not sure if it does anything. May spawn only fast cops.

How to install & use:
1. Download Frosty Mod Manager
2. Download the mod
3. Extract the zip files
4. Open Frosty mod manager > Select NFS16 > Click on import Mod(s) & import the .fbmod files from the downloaded mod zip > Select the mod > Click Apply Mod(s)
5. Make sure the mod is ticked in the Applied Mods section > Click Launch Game from Frosty Mod Manager

*Requires Frosty Mod Manager Alpha 2 or above.

[Update 1.1] Double Fines + Other Adjustments - Doubles all fines, essentially allowing pursuit to escalate more quickly.
[Update 1.2] More Cop Spawns + etc.

Types of Roadblocks

Smashable Roadblocks

Usual roadblocks that you can smash. Appears from Heat 2.

Static Roadblocks

Standard Static un-smashable roadblocks. Appears from Heat 3. Covers one side of the road. Usually placed in intersections with alternate open routes.

Super Static Roadblocks

Super-sized un-smashable roadblocks. Appears from Heat 4. Covers entire road, creates dead-ends. Usually placed in the middle of big (yellow) roads, requiring player to take a U-turn.

Spike Strips

Standard spike strip that punctures tires. Appears from Heat 4.

Staggered Roadblocks

Un-smashable roadblocks that create a chicane in the middle of the road. Appears from Heat 3/4. Requires player to excessively slow down to maneuver through the block.

The mod has been tested using the Pro Handling Overhaul Package. It will most likely work with vanilla game too.


MViniciusDh (May 03, 2024 @ 18:56)
Amazing mod, makes police really challenging and the chases are very intense. I'm using the version that changes the behavior like NFS Heat. Super recommended. Thanks for sharing, homie!


Uploaded at: September 17, 2021 @ 01:30