BMW M5 F90 Addon by God Arm

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

BMW M5 F90 Addon


A Fast but kinda bad sounding M5 Boi

- Big Wang
- That kinda it


Step 1 - Extract the "CARS" and "SOUND" folders into your Undercover Installation
Step 2 - Open VLTed, open Undercover, press File -> Import -> Modscript and select "carlistresize.nfsms" (this is to increase the car_list to 500)
Step 3 - Install the script file, then do the same for "m5f90.nfsms" , then press File -> Save
Step 4 - Drag the Ed config into your Ed directory
Step 5 - Open Ed, select your Undercover directory and then you should see your config there NOTE: Press Tools -> Unlock game files for modding
if you're using Ed on Undercover for the first time, but after that you don't have to.
Step 6 - Press apply and then close Ed
Step 7 - You're done! now start a new save

EA - Real Racing 3 Assets
The Blender Foundation - Blender
Oleg Melashenko - Zmod
nfsu360 - NFS VLTed and Car Toolkit
Don Ho - Notepad++
Me - For converting the car to Undercover


X6zmeisteR (November 09, 2021 @ 06:36)
yea it is supposed to

Frexellia (November 09, 2021 @ 06:31)
Just wondering, is this car supposed to reach 200 mph on stock with reformed installed ? bcuz it does on my end

Serhtwia (October 30, 2021 @ 17:02)
Mod not working, not showing in Showroom

TiSonic (September 23, 2021 @ 14:46)
@And : Any addon car for Undercover requires a new savegame , or if you wish to add it in your current save, you'll have to resort using the NFSNation save editor, and editing it's .xml car list.

And (September 23, 2021 @ 10:45)
Не работает мод Bmw не видно невидимка а название в магазине Европа есть BMW} почему так все по инструкции дел?

Uploaded at: September 22, 2021 @ 19:21