Nissan GT-R R35 Nismo Addon by God Arm

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

Nissan GT-R R35 Nismo Addon


Converted from: Real Racing 3

-idk cool sound maybe

-no bodykits (for now)


Step 1 - Extract the "CARS" and "SOUND" folders into your Undercover Installation
Step 2 - Open VLTed, open Undercover, press File -> Import -> Modscript and select "carlistresize.nfsms" (this is to increase the car_list to 500)
Step 3 - Install the script file, then do the same for "r35nismo.nfsms" , then press File -> Save
Step 4 - Run Binary as administrator and select R35NISMO.end
Step 5 - Navigate to your Undercover Installation
Step 6 - Once it's installed press save
Step 7 - You're done! now start a new save

EA - Real Racing 3 Assets
The Blender Foundation - Blender
Oleg Melashenko - Zmod
nfsu360 - NFS VLTed and Car Toolkit
Don Ho - Notepad++
Max - Bonery
Me - For converting the car to Undercover


X6zmeisteR (September 27, 2021 @ 13:00)
@Shreesh1902 afaik they work fine alongside each other which is good

Shreesh1902 (September 27, 2021 @ 10:08)
Just to confirm, binary addons cannot be merged with ED addons right?

X6zmeisteR (September 26, 2021 @ 15:17)
@WF4123 idk if i will update my older addons to binary. half of it is that i'm lazy and half is that ed is good enough to do the job, just that binary is better. tho all future addon stuff i do will be binary

WF4123 (September 26, 2021 @ 07:43)
Great questions. Will your car mods in NFSUC should be in Binary update since you learned for the first time? I mean believe, Ed is old than it is, and Binary is new in NFSUC.