Jaguar XK by Selly

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Jaguar XK

Added Jaguar XK ( Add-on, Ported from Carbon, Extra Customization )

Video: Jaguar XK
  • Stock color changed
  • Changed characteristics (Tranks Helheim)
  • Added the original carbon jaguar sound
  • Added hd and stock textures

  • Fixed (head|tail)lights
    Colorable background
    Closed bumper lights

  • Removed 4 Slot in ATTACHMENT (Antennas)
  • Added a larger number of carbon fiber hoods
  • Added 4 new bodies (From Carbon)
  • The additional roof (STYLE04) had decals fixed
  • the names of one hood have been corrected (STYLE**)
  • The GRILL drain textures were returned to the model, which are from MW - so that it does not stand out from the original
  • The bagging texture has been returned
  • Fixed stock interior

  • Added Extra Customization
  • +Interior
  • +Roof
  • +Brakes
  • +Headlight
  • +Taillight
  • +Mirror
  • +Attachments +4 slots
  • Fixed mirror material
  • Numerous polygons have been changed
  • Added version without EC

  • Added numbers on stickers
  • The old look of Interior C returned

  • Fixed stickers on all bodies
  • Fixed frontal stickers
  • Imported and created from scratch, some hoods of the original MW
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • The quality of the machine textures has been raised (Not all)
  • Fixed some vinyl masks
  • New characteristics

  • Fixed the add_or_update line, because of which many Frontend could not earn

  • Launch
  • Redesigned little things like vinyl masks
  • Completely of carbon
  • x1024 & x512 Vinyls
  • HD & original Front logo car

How to install:
- Download Binary & NFS-VltEd
- Unpack it to a convenient place
- Open NFS-VltEd and select the root of the game and download the script in the Setup_VltEd.nfsms
- Install and Save
- Open Binary and select User Mode and select Setup_Binary.end, select install
- Choose and save

How to uninstall:
- Open NFS-VltEd and select uninstall
- Open Binary, select User mode and uninstall

  • Binary
  • NFS-VltEd
  • NFS-TexEd
  • Helheim ( For new characteristics )
  • Blender
  • CarToolKit
  • And you!

You can use it. But you are not allowed to edit without the author's permission


jogador1000 (May 14, 2022 @ 00:44)
@Selly, I tried snooping around geometry file with the car tool kit, just unmarked 2 options in spoiler section and reinstalled the addon . It surprisely worked, spoilers now show up on car while racing.
It might be a isolated case or I probably didn't install correctly at first, don't know, what i know is that the car is fully working!
I appreciate your attention, thx

jogador1000 (May 14, 2022 @ 00:06)
@Selly okay
I'm using the version with EC, I forgot to mention previously

Selly (May 13, 2022 @ 03:12)
@jogador1000, I didn't notice this problem myself. So I have no idea why you have this.
P.S. just in case, I will reboot the Jaguar files on MEGA (2 versions), you can check them soon too.

jogador1000 (May 12, 2022 @ 23:28)
Its the Jaguar XK itself. On my game, all spoilers are unlocked and able to buy/install. Any spoiler you install on it doesn't show up on free roam/racing, like it was never installed on the car. Also, I never seen the AI using this car with a spoiler, so might wanna check it out too.

Its only show up when on the menu areas(starting menu, career garage, tuning shop). Tried reinstalling, but nothing.

Selly (May 12, 2022 @ 02:45)
@jogador1000, m, can you tell us more about this? What kind of car?

Uploaded at: October 01, 2021 @ 14:35


209910-Jaguar XK.rar (Size: 206 bytes) Latest Version
38de96-v2.2 Jaguar Xk.rar (Size: 29.91MB) Old Version
e4beea-v2 Jaguar Xk.rar (Size: 29.9MB) Old Version