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Retouch Graphics

This modification is aimed at changing the standard textures of the game to textures with a higher resolution,
and more or less suitable to the style of Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005), without using TexMod utilite.

Also, in addition to textures, new shaders are added, such as shadows, motion blur, new water with reflections, lighting, etc.
Retouch Graphics is open sourced project, so you can change everything to your liking!
It is strictly forbidden to use any materials/scripts/shaders from the Retouch Graphics project in any paid modifications (example, for GAMETEST patreon projects)!

Version 9:
1 - restructured texture folders
2 - more replaced textures
3 - roads from Eternal mod
4 - dirty autumn atmosphere
And much more, everything you can find in gameplay!

1 - move all files from RGv9 archive to your game folder, and allow all replaces (if you have some old my mod with NEXTGENGRAPHICS folder - REMOVE NEXTGENGRAPHICS folder!!1!).
2 - you need set that visualtreatment setting in yours NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini for for an identical result (now you can enable/disable visualtreatment by pressing V key).
3 - if you use some modpack/repack - check "scripts" folder for any .asi files with the "widescreen fix" words in their names. if there are - please delete them before putting in RG v9!

EnableVisualTreatmentOverride = 1 // Enables all visual treatment tweaks in this section. (0 = False (Default), 1 = True)
Red = 0.65 // Red amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.88)
Green = 0.70 // Green amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.8)
Blue = 0.02 // Blue amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.44)
ColorBloomIntensity = 1.15 // Color Bloom amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 1.75)
Saturation = 0.80 // Saturation for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.5)
BlackBloomIntensity = 0.85 // Black Bloom amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.9)

4 - you need install timecycle for an identical result.
You can do it with using VLTed.
Import RG.nfsms in tool, save and you are awesome!


In that folder you can find fix for AMD videocards and method improving game antialiasing on NVIDIA.

AMD FIX INSTALLATION - just move d3d9.dll file from RGv9\FIXES AND IMPOVEMENTS\AMD FIX to main game root (when placed speed.exe).
IMPROVED AA (NVIDIA) - NFSMostWanted.WidescreenFix.ini want be moved to scripts folder with replace.
d3d9.dll, injector.ini, SMAA.fx and SMAA.h want be
placed in main game root (when placed speed.exe).
it's want be placed in folder when you have your save game file(s). Settings.ini want have "Only for read" in propertions.

Password for archieve - IreadReadme

Version 8:
1. New bloom effect (you can disable it if you want by pressing ALT+F2, sad but other effects from that GTA:SA shaders pack dont works in NFS:MW. And if you have AMD videocard - sad, but you can't use it, because d3d9.dll needed for correct game works with shaders :huh: ).
2. Some sources like road textures from HPC project by Elaymm4.
3. Now the modification does not take up too much disk space.
4. Very easy installation (before install remove all previous version files!).
5. Now you can choose what type of motion blur you want to have in game, but before choosing you need disable visual treatment in Extraoptions.ini. After it lauch game>Videooptions> Visual treatment & Motion blur ( low is low and high is high ofc).
1.Remove previous NEXTGENGRAPHICS folder from game folder
2.Drag and drop all files to your NFS MW game folder, allow all replace's and start the game!
IF YOU HAVE AMD VIDEOCARD - REPLACE/ADD d3d9.dll file from AMD FIX folder in game root!!!

Version 7.0: Includes MFS:MW 2012 Road textures (big thanks to Selly for giant help),
spring and summer vegetation, new effects like sparks, leafs, clouds smokes and others.
If you have old version and want use new - DELETE NextGenGraphics folder, copy all files to game root and launch the game.
Forget to say:
For lower blur "VT and motion blur" want be changed in game main menu.
I don't know for what reason, but changes in the degree of blur in motion are visible only taking into account the fact that you change the setting in the menu, or when your car is completely stationary during a free roam.

Version 5.1: includes updated old version 5 road textures with all vegetation and terrain textures from version 6, and have some another textures imrovements.

Version 6: includes Aksines road textures, autumn grass and trees, new sky texture)
Thanks Shalun93 for amazing help!
Mod based on X360 stuff by Osdever & Elaymm4

Download ResourceHacker from here and dont't forget to place that tool in main game folder.

After it launch "Shaders.bat" file.

After all manipulations patch speed.exe file with "4GB_patch.exe" tool!
You can download it here:

Without it u can't use modification!

If you need special fix for AMD videocards, or you would like to disable motion blur, download it from here:

If you have some shit like bloom in game - just disable OVERBRIGHT effect in video settings.
I very recommend use Retouch Graphics with that TRACKS folder for full harmony:

Retouch Graphics in Discord:
Retouch Graphics


posedennetshow (September 12, 2022 @ 12:39)
Please open access i can't download it

11yearold (August 28, 2022 @ 05:42)
ngl but v8 is better than v9

K7IRITO (August 13, 2022 @ 01:13)

RGP (August 06, 2022 @ 00:47)
What if I want to install ONLY the world textures?

11yearold (July 15, 2022 @ 06:23)
dude where is the dumbass readme ?😤😤😤

Uploaded at: October 26, 2021 @ 06:28


7d1c53-Retouch Graphics v9 download link.rar (Size: 183 bytes) Latest Version
4f9043-Retouch Graphics v8 download link.rar (Size: 176 bytes) Old Version
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